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VGW: Five years later, and we’re just one week away from the release of the closing chapter in Commander Shepard’s story. Whether our respective Shepards succeed in saving the galaxy or not, it is safe to say that no-one is quite ready to be finished with the universe as a whole. With this first trilogy now drawing to an end, we’re poised, fueled, and impatiently waiting before our own proverbial Prothean relay. Which begs the question: Where do we go from here?

The possibilities are manifold, and even dangerous for the fiction. While I think I would be happy to try out most of them, that which I least want to see is perhaps the most likely. Still, we’ll get to my personal tastes later on. For now, let’s throw a few genres at the wall and see what sticks:

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Godmars2902540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

What I'd like to see:

- Scale it back from having to "Save the World."
- Make it about "Saving A world" destroying one or just sit back while one burns.
- Make it about exploration.
- Make it about balancing relationships. Not just people with sex as an objective, but with merchants, planetary and interstellar governments, gangs, mercenaries, information sources.
- Multiple "end game" bosses. Someone like the Shadow Broker, going from hearing about rumors to interacting with his network to actually meeting/beating him could have been its own complete game.
- Make it so that you can go from Paragon, someone who'd stop a slaving ring, to Renegade, someone who's an active slaver.

With the obvious lean towards it becoming a COD-clone, what I want is a modern and more in-depth Privateer than Privateer was. Space combat or no.

Blacktric2540d ago

"With the obvious lean towards it becoming a COD-clone..."

Here we go again...

NukaCola2540d ago

I kind of want Bioware to take on a really good pirate game. I don't know why. I just see a huge ship, sword play, great adventures and some solid RPG elements revolving around what kind of swashbuckler you'd end up being. And of course pirate myth and magic and all the sweetness involved. I think the PIRATE is such a great theme and no one has mastered it truly. Closest IMHO was Zelda Wind Waker.

richierich2540d ago

Im sure this wont be the last Mass Effect game Id say that there will be many more in the next generation of consoles

evercast2540d ago

I would like to see Bioware make another Jade empire!

krontaar2540d ago

Hopefully nowhere. The last 2 (now 3, i suppose) games they've made have been terrible.

IM_KINECTED2540d ago

Well I'd like to see them give Mass Effect a little break. I'd love a new Jade Empire or a proper Dragon Age 3. I also wouldn't complain if they were to make a KOTOR 3 straight up. Nothing was ever settled with Revan and that storyline.

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