Forza Motorsport 5 Coming 2013; Horizon and Motorsport Are "2 Different Games"

Microsoft has confirmed that Forza 5 will be released next year and shall remain a two-year franchise, with Horizon filling the gaps between the main series games.

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Why are people flipping out acting as if the Forza series is ruined now? Do you not realize this is the cycle for Forza all along? Two year development cycles are perfectly acceptable for a franchise like this. Uncharted is another franchise that uses the two year development cycle, is that franchise ruined because of it?

I'm definitely interested to see more on Horizon, if its a Need For Speed type of open world game then I am more then sold on it. Here's hoping Horizon launches with Porsche's.

Microsoft has seemed to step up to the plate this year.

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Forza's a yearly franchise now.

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I agree, two years has worked great for them so far. A large studio, with talent, and a good budget can do a lot in two years.

And having a more need for speed like game would be great, considering NFS hasn't been that great in a long long time...

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