Midway resets for 2008

Stumbling Chicago-based video game developer plans next-generation titles and Hollywood tie-ins in an effort to revive its business after years of lackluster performance.

It's been another rough year for video game developer Midway Games, which stumbled into the holiday shopping season with delayed releases and lowered revenue forecasts. But Hollywood and a fresh sign of interest from its largest shareholder may help the Chicago-based gamemaker put 2007 behind it.

Midway Chief Executive David Zucker described his 2008 strategy as "fewer, bigger, better" titles. The company is hoping Hollywood tie-ins will prove lucrative.

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MK_Red4043d ago

" At the end of next year, the company will release another iteration of "Mortal Kombat.""
OMG no. Please Midway, don't rush MK8. We haven't seen a thing from this game and a real next-gen fighter definitly needs more developement time than a year.

Black Rose4042d ago

o wow wait until I tell Nikki about this. she will be very angry at midway for rushing that game.

lynx1halo4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Your right....I have a feeling that the next gen Mortal Kombat is going to have Rush Job written all over it, and go straight to the Bargain bin along side Mortal Kombat Mythologies

AllroundGamer4042d ago

oh yeah nextgen Psi-Ops would be sweet, i liked the first one a lot.

Counter_ACT4042d ago

Midway is a bollocks company anyway. I'm not bothered if they burn.

Klopek4042d ago

"fewer, bigger, better titles" and "Hollywood tie-ins" seem to contradict each other quite brilliantly.

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