Training is the First Step to Fighting Game Greatness

One of the most important aspects in any craft is practicing it. In order to maintain proficiency, or to exceed it, artisans need to study his routine from start to finish. They need to rethink how they approach the steps necessary in order to reach the final product, be able to refine the processes, practice them to ensure a perfect result every time and find creative solutions when the optimal plan doesn’t work out.

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sovietsoldier2539d ago

best fighting game for me personally was Budokan: The Martial Spirit.

TopDudeMan2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I'm gonna try and get into street fighter x tekken. I'm getting it day one, so I should have a good chance to choose a character and master them. But I'm not really a fighting game guy, so I might get burnt out on it quickly.