Import Review: Tales of Graces f

Tales of Graces f is a blessing and a curse to go through whether you enjoy WRPGs or JRPGs, and with good reason. It has an excellent battle system, probably one of the best this generation. Unfortunately, the age and the archaic design choices hinder Graces from accomplishing superstardom among its RPG peers. Still, even with its problems should you give this RPG a chance or just leave it behind?

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Sidology2480d ago

so, not quite on par with vesperia...

Persistantthug2480d ago

From what I can tell, in many cases, they just simply don't understand them, the nuances and difference of culture and difference of story & gameplay styles.

For better on point reviews of JRPGs, you should visit SPECIALIZED sites like RPG GAMER or RPG FAN.

No offence to them, but I get the impression that 'thegamingvault' just isn't really up to the specialized task here......not really.

Chrono2480d ago

RPG GAMER aren't good reviewers.

Sidology2480d ago

...Wow, okay, man. You're entitled to your opinion.

2480d ago
Herminator2480d ago

So should you also be an expert in JRPGs to play them? As someone who only occasionally plays JRPGs, I appreciate the perspective of someone who doesn't spend the majority of their game time on them, because that's closer to my own view point.

That aside, how do you know that Simon ISN'T a JPRG expert? Just from the name of the site?

Dimentionalist2480d ago

...RPGFan? Seriously? Nothing can be as bad as the poorly-written hyperbole that's featured prominently on that site. Excuse me while I go have a laugh...

Just because something is specialized doesn't make it any better.

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kayos902480d ago

Actually, the battle system is much better than Vesperia. However, the game as a whole is not as good.

Megaman_nerd2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Vesperia is easily the best Tales game since the first Symphonia on GC. I have played around 6 hours of Graces F and it sucks. Graphics are bad and the overall game feels like it's 2 gens old.

Knight_Cid2480d ago

"Unfortunately, the age and the archaic design choices hinder Graces from accomplishing superstardom among its RPG peers. "

what the hel does this even mean?

kayos902480d ago

The game was originally released in 2009 on the Wii. That comment was talking about the game's age. In regards to "archaic", there are some design choices that I found to be somewhat outdated. Dialogue boxes were one of them.

Knight_Cid2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

no offense but your review doesnt match the score

When a game is released is irrelevant in terms of worth. Devil survivor 2 just came out. Does it matter its on the ds? not a second. Does it matter it came out last year? no way

Ninokuni came out over a year ago in japan, isi it archaic now releasing just this year? please

Dialogue boxes? Seriously? Thats your reason for a 7? Almost every other game has them in some form. SKyrim has them..........

The game after what I played is at least an 8.5

you really shouldnt review anything

kayos902480d ago

I'm sorry that you see it that way. If the game was just reviewed on the combat itself, I would give this a mid 9. However, as a packaged item, the game tends to fall on the average or good scale. The site uses a specific scoring system and I think the review reflects that. Also, comparing a console game to a portable game is a bit different due to differing situations.

Knight_Cid2480d ago

Theres nothing different but ok. You have your view. But you if you think dialogue boxes are outdated. Than you must not play most rpgs. Because they almost all have them in some form

Troll-without-Bridge2480d ago

Dialog boxes are not outdated, they are a timeless design that have tremendous appeal. If reviewers spent more time playing games and less time being pretentious today's RPG's wouldn't be diluted and streamlined for dummies.

xyxzor2480d ago

The trolls are out in full force today.

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