The Steam ‘Box’ Isn’t A Console, So Let’s Stop Treating It That Way

Ever since Gabe Newell, Valve's CEO, starting talking about how they would build Steam-related hardware if they have to, rumors have started flying. What started this flurry of rumors and speculation? Besides Newells own comments, there have been Valve employees like Greg Commer that have also hinted at possibly working on a secret hardware project revolving around Steam. And finally, the Verge itself obtained information from sources that further cemented the possibility that Valve was hard at work on a Steam-based console-like PC.

So what do we really know about the Steam device? While I have no inside sources or magic hat full of information, I do have the information that we actually DO know about the project. All of it points to one thing: This is NOT a console. So let's stop treating it like one.

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pangitkqb2543d ago

Potato patahto. The difference between PCs and consoles is shrinking with each generation. I have a high end gaming PC and consoles. I enjoy both. Why would I care which "label" (PC or console) they attach to the thing if, in thee end, it will play games I love no matter the name?

Knight_Cid2543d ago

if anything the difference is growing.

But dont worry a low end pc built with steam thats dd only isnt destined to rival anything

MrGunny942543d ago

It's a custom built PC by Valve, they already told us they wanted to do this in the latest interviews that Gabe gave regarding the CS:GO,DOTA2,HL3 and the future of Valve

mep692543d ago

Eh ? what interview did Gabe talk about HL3

Source or it didn't happen.

-Mika-2543d ago

I personally think this whole thing is overhyped. Like who going to buy this thing anyway. PC gamers like to max out everything. So if they release this pre-built pc. It going to be outdated from the start or at-least from a year from now. Plus this thing isn't going to take over the market. People would rather buy an actual console before they buy this.

kevnb2543d ago

not all pc gamers are the same, and they are plenty of people who would want something like this.

wallis2543d ago

An open source console with no licensing fees, steam support and all the epic sales that comes with a very real possibility of featuring cross platform play, mods, great graphics, and the ability to play anything that's on steam all coming from the service that has resulted in an indie renaissance in the PC gaming world and would lead to some of the best and most imaginative gaming experiences becoming available to the masses. Not to mention the hopeful destruction of exclusives and all the pain in the ass fanboyism it brings.

...I mean yeah, who would buy that?

vegnadragon2543d ago


You just mentioned what a PC does.

palaeomerus2543d ago

If it's less than $800 and it runs most or ever better all PC games on Steam including the old ones, (modern ones at 1080P at at least 30 FPS w/ some decent AA on TV's then it's already a better buy than a PC for most people focused on gaming who aren't after bleeding edge graphics cards. If it has smart-TV/streaming-box type features then so much the better. If it can do TIVO stuff and SKYPE then watch the heck out.

If it's less that $500 it's probably got a solid niche and will get some development attention.

If it's less that $300 then it probably takes over a good chunk of the console market and becomes the new thing and Apple and Google and EA and such will make fat deals with them.

Or not. I think the off the shelf PC as a console box had some real trouble when Xbox tried it because of the chipmakers refusing to lower the prices as the orders grew and as efficiency should have brought it down. With the right production deals it could work. A windows light or gaming centered linux based OS might be trouble for steam library compatibility.

Who knows at this point?

NAGNEWS2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

could turn pc into a console

like a console for pc games

but the problem is that pc games have no graphic limits

Disccordia2543d ago

I still doubt this thing even exists

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The story is too old to be commented.