CVG - Ghost Recon: Future Soldier: This sci-fi war is closer to reality than you think

CVG - "When you take a boot camp with former Navy SEALs you get a feel for how they're strong, and how they are intuitive, how they're trained," says Future Soldier's latest creative director, Jean-Marc Geffroy. "And when we were done and we presented our ideas to them, we felt like fools. The game was too sci-fi, so we stepped back, and they helped get us where we needed to be."

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R1CAN6172540d ago

Cant wait for this damn game!

Titanz2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

This title has the potential to sell Nintendo hardware (Wii U), outside of its fanbase (jaded, non-buying Nintendo platform fans).

TheColbertinator2540d ago

I want the Wii U screen and motion TPS concept that Ninty showed off at E3.