Gaming icons of 2007: Part two

Just before Christmas, Destructoid released part one of this tribute, and now they present the second, penultimate showcase of the good, the bad and the just plain weird things that have helped define this gaming year:

"As 2007 draws to a close, we say our goodbyes to what has arguably been one of the greatest years for videogames ever. With so many amazing releases, this year has been absolutely stunning, and we can now definitely say that the new generation of games has finally arrived.

From BioShock to Super Mario Galaxy, the hobby we love has given us so very much to latch onto, and latch we did. The online gamer community made memes, injokes and even obsessions of so very much in 2007 as iconic moments, characters and people surfaced. This is Destructoid's first ever icons of the year showcase, where we celebrate those things that the gamer community has embraced with a passion and a vengeance."

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lynx1halo4043d ago

I appreciate his reviews because he plays no favorites and bashes games equally to an extent...
even Bringing Halo 3 down a notch when no other reviewer dared to go against the hype