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EA Sports is heading back to the wintery slopes of SSX. VGRevolution sits down with the latest release of the long running SSX franchise to see if the new game lives up to the over the top acrobatics of the series.

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portugamer2545d ago

As the reviews for this game show up,and after all these 9's ssx is getting, I still don't understand how edge could give it a 5/10. Not trolling, but definitely,there is a huge problem with edge journalists and/or their scoring system.
A guy that relies on edge, to buy his games, will avoid ssx like aids or a prostate cancer. This means the guy could have spent 20 or more hours having a lots of fun, and the studio would have received some cash for his good and hard work. But with this score, both things won't happen.

Rampaged Death2545d ago

SSX has one of the most unique online features I have ever seen and it makes the game so addictive. It's really one of the best sports games I have ever played. Like the person said above I feel sorry for anyone who misses out on this.