Games Radar - 10 Features Needed in Online Shooters

Games Radar writes, "Multiplayer shooters have advanced stupendously since the likes of Doom and Quake. Contextual actions, unlockable weapons, team and objective based combat, physics, sprawling maps, class systems and a slew of other complexities have been crammed into modern frag-fests."

"Nevertheless, there are still a few features and concepts we'd like to see perfected before the inevitable next step involving wires poking out of our brain stems. Potentialities like Call of Duty 5, Halo 4, Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 and Half-Life 3 will undoubtedly offer things we've never even thought of, but here are a few humble suggestions that we have considered. Easier said than done, right? Probably."

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Baba19064040d ago

they forgot splitscreen......... i need that.

ForTheFallen4040d ago

Mr PS3
Don't bring flamewars here. This has nothing to do with consoles.
(I have a PS3 just so you know)

Getting back to the story, what I think is most lacking is the fact the highest player count offical servers get to is like 64...I think triple digits are in order.

Warhawk, I'm looking at you.

xjoshbx4040d ago

The reason we won't see as many players on consoles as in PC games is because the lack of dedicated servers. Yes i know warhawk will let you do this but it's on your home connection. I work for an ISP and we use to host several game servers for counter strike etc. Servers done right are usually on a high end connection, some sitting in NOC's behind multiple T1's and some in co-locations. Being the way the ps3 hardware is, it's perfect for an actual server. If only we could get ISP's to host servers for consoles, would be cool too if we started using PS3's as the servers like sony showed.

Clinton5144040d ago

I can't say I agree with them all.

And bloodjoke you can remove that Halo 3 image since it has nothing to do with the story.

KidMakeshift4040d ago

What about total corpse violation. Teabagging is so last gen. I want to make the game cry

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