MW3 Dev Considers Non-Lethal Deathstreaks For Next CoD

MP1st - Recently, the Call of Duty community has been rather vocal about their view of the inclusion of Deathstreaks in the Modern Warfare series, originally introduced in Modern Warfare 2. Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling, has been taking this into consideration.

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iNMyFiN4LH0uR2545d ago

i want non letal killstreaks...

creatchee2545d ago

UAVs, Counter UAVs, Recon Drones, and EMPs say hi, among others.

2542d ago
solidworm2545d ago

sounds wank, like the games.

Urbz78702545d ago

How bout just gettin ride of deathstreaks period.

NAGNEWS2545d ago

using a new engine for ones

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2545d ago

Why do they need a new engine, when it's not broken, and is one of the best of any FPS this generation?

So tired of kids rehashing the "cool" thing to say about COD needing a new engine.

Next generation is coming.. the game will evolve as it did when COD 4 came out. You can't keep changing the engine Year after Year. You think DICE and BF is going to change their engine now that they have the game where they want it? They're going to use what's working for BF games to come.

Unless you really think they're going to change the engine for the next BF.. and the next BF after that and so on.

h311rais3r2545d ago


A new engine is needed because it looks aweful, they can't do anything with physics, the particles are extremely outdated and oh yea it's over 10 years old! Why bring up bf3? Frostbite 1 lasted 5 years and then they made 2. Why infinity fail decided to keep using an archaeic engine is beyond me.

Disccordia2544d ago

the graphics are fine. it looks just as good as the majority of other games in it genre. lets wait until next gen for a new cod engine otherwise its just wasting resources.

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TopDudeMan2545d ago

You died 5 times. Now you're practically invincible for 10 seconds because you suck so bad at this game.

ziggurcat2545d ago

how about they get rid of the ability to throw a knife 3/4 of the way around the freaking planet that results in death when the blade touches your pinky toe?

SixZeroFour2544d ago

your comment had me thinking about this photo lol


banana4202545d ago

Replace death streaks with extra perks. E.G you die 4 times in a row then you get steady aim pro and scavenger pro for 30 seconds.

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