PS3Land Interviews NaturalMotion

PS3Land had the chance to interview Torsten Reil, CEO and co-founder of NaturalMotion, "the first company to create 3D character animation software based on Dynamic Motion Synthesis (DMS), a technology that utilizes Adaptive Behaviors and artificial intelligence to simulate the human-nervous system."

"endorphin uses DMS to create baked animation for later playback in films or games. euphoria on the other hand uses the CPU power of Xbox 360, PS3 and PCs to simulate the human body and its nervous system at run-time."

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specialguest5860d ago (Edited 5860d ago )

wow...this is truely an exciting new AI technology. ok they got the whole human body thing covered, now they need to simulate human emotions(fear, stress, joy, etc.)

XboxKing, you didn't even read the article and you voted lame...bad!

NoUseMerc5860d ago

I totally agree with you...People need to read the interview before naming it bad. Its a very inciteful interview that gives new info on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in terms of running middleware and the technology is going to enable some really cool stuff in the future.