Jeremy Lin: The Next 2K Cover Athlete?

GamerFitNation writes: Linsanity has taken over GamerFitNation and yours truly. If you have not been following all of the sports hype as of late New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin has been taking the NBA by storm outscoring stars like Los Angeles Lakers Shooting Guard Kobe Bryant, New Jersey Point Guard Dereon Williams and other great players in the league. Why is he so special you might ask and why should you care? Jeremy Lin is down for the lin. (Trust me there will be more cheesy one-liners to come)

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TenSteps3524d ago

I can see him gracing the cover on Asian versions of the game but I dislike the idea that he gets chosen over more established and more proven players worldwide.

ddurand13524d ago

they did this with the canadien version of one of the MLB games where Jose Bautista was on teh cover.

lodossrage3524d ago

It has nothing to do with whether or not he's established. Guys like Tony Parker got the Cover before for Live for example. And even then, there were a good six point guards better than he was at that point and time.

It's all about if the person deserves it or not. IF Lin deserves it, then he should have the right to be on the cover WORLDWIDE.

And considering how he's literally started to turned the Knicks around and brought life back to NY basketball, I'd say he deserves.

TenSteps3524d ago

He's turned the fortunes of his team but how established is he, what's to say he won't slow down as the season goes on.

I mean come on we're making assumptions on Lin's talent on a good month I'm not saying this is not how he's going to play for the rest of the season but he isn't the only person in the world that turned his teams fortunes around.

Kewl_Kat3524d ago


It all comes down to whose opinion matters most. Yours or Magic freakin' Johnson's? He called Lin the real deal. Argue all you want, but everytime you do, just imagine Magic shaking his head in disagreement of you lol.

TenSteps3524d ago

I'm not saying Lin is not the real deal, I'm saying giving him the cover boy status is rushing it. People said Grant Hill was the next Michael Jordan, tell me what's stopping Lin from experiencing that.

Kevin Love deserves to be on the cover more than Lin he has been consistent for more than a month he's shown he can play healthy.

You're making it sound like I'm saying Lin is not a good player.

Outside_ofthe_Box3524d ago

If by the end of the season Lin has a good year I see no reason why NOT to put him on the cover. He's very popular thereby will increase sales.

With that said, I LOVE what Lin has done for MY KNICKS!!!

Khordchange3524d ago

This Jeremy Lin crap is starting to piss me off

ddurand13524d ago

he is a mediocre player, but a good marketing tool.

Pozzle3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

He probably won't get rid of any negative stereotypes, but I think it's nice to see an Asian man being praised (instead of mocked) for his sporting ability.

R1CAN6173524d ago

The smartest thing 2K can do is put Lin on the cover

ddurand13524d ago

good for marketing, but he doenst deserve it.

2pacalypsenow3524d ago

no way should he be chosen over The MVP derrick rose

topgun333523d ago

When the Heat win the title this year, and LeBron shuts up all the critics when he makes up for his disappearing act in last years finals: He should be the face of 2k13, in fact the three kings of MIami: Bosh, Wade, and Lebron should grace the cover. For whether people like it or not this teaming up of superstars will continue, and the model is being repeated in other cities:
1) New York: Stoudamire, Melo, and Chandler. But now it looks to be Lin as # 3

2) Lob City West : Blake, CP3, and Deandre Jordan will be good enough to make the trivumverate.

3) T-wolves: Rubio, Love, and Derrick Williams

And interestingly enough we have the Dallas Mavericks who at one time criticized the Heat for tanking seasons, and playing b-ball with a bunch of scrubs so that they had enough financial flexibility to get Lebron and Bosh over are doing the exact same thing this year. For, after winning the title, they got rid of important pieces of the team: Barrera, Chandler, and Stephenson. By doing that they will have to make one more move-dumping Shawn Marion to have the cap space to get both Derron Williams and Dwight Howard to team with Nowitski to form their own triumverate in Big D.

2pacalypsenow3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

IF they win . And the timberwolves didn't get together they built through the draft