5 Things The Next Call Of Duty Needs

Five years on however, it's no secret that the franchise has begun to lose its zest, and that more fans each year are finding it harder to tolerate the juggernaut releases that Activision are shoving down our throats. With each annual release drawing in more cash every year, a gap year is out of the question, so what does Call of Duty need in order to be revitalized?

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DigitalRaptor2472d ago

Call of Duty needs a break!

FinaLXiii2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

Call of Duty will die a slow death.

MaxXAttaxX2471d ago stop! *Fix


NAGNEWS2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

engine or gtfo

lugia 40002472d ago

MMm lets see.

It needs a new graphics engine, but since COD fanboys keep supporting this game, they wont do it.

It needs to stop milking, but since COD fanboys keep supporting this game, they wont do it.

It needs to stop the COD Elite BS, but since COD fanboys keep supporting this game, they wont do it.

It needs to stop making the game exclusively better for Xbox, but because Microsoft keeps throwing them extra money to make the other platforms look worse, they wont do it.

They need to stop making a copy paste title every year, but since COD fanboys are idiots and buy their game every year, even if its the same thing, they will keep doing it.

jeseth2471d ago

umad bro?

lmao, that was a sad rant.

Other than a graphical update I think the only thing I would like to see are larger maps, and more character/gun customization.

SnakeCQC2471d ago

1. get rid of bowling and all the current iw staff
2 bring in new people with talent
3 let them make new engine etc
4 make a descent flowing story and mp
5 beta test!!!!!!

IM_KINECTED2471d ago

I'd like to see a Call Of Duty game go back to World War 2 as a setting. World At War was brilliant and when I go back and play it now I really want a new WWII COD.

Everyone plays follow the leader when it comes to COD, so instead of being saturated with WWII clones like at the start of this generation, we are saturated with modern military shooters.

I'd perhaps like dedicated servers if they were done properly as well.

MaxXAttaxX2471d ago

And then after a while of going back to WWII, they'll go back to modern military.

Both are oversaturated.

IM_KINECTED2471d ago

I think they should have Treyarch do the WWII era games and Infinity Ward do the Modern ones.

People see the name Call Of Duty and find reasons to complain about it being milked. This probably wouldn't be the case if they just called Modern Warfare "Modern Warfare" and dropped the Call Of Duty from the title.

The fact of the matter is that these games are on a two year development cycle, which is the same as a ton of other games this generation, namely Uncharted and Gears Of War.

Yet we don't hear how those games are milked. I'm not comparing the quality of Call Of Duty games to those of course, just pointing out they have the same development times.

jeseth2471d ago

No one also says anything about the fact that there has been AT LEAST one Battlefield game a year for the past decade (and besides the recent facelift, it hasn't changed much) ... but, of course Battlefield isn't being milked even though its the same thing.

sonicsidewinder2471d ago

Only needs one thing.

To not darken my high-street stores again.

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