Mercury News: Sly Cooper series in good hands with Sanzaru Games

Gieson Cacho writes: Although Sanzaru isn’t the original Sly Cooper developer, they seem to know what makes the series tick. Creating HD versions of the first three games for the PS3 and doing it in 3-D gave the studio a good handle on the franchise.

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Nitrowolf22545d ago

From what I've seen it's true.
Typically I have doubts when a new team is handed over a big IP and worried about them changing it to much,but from what has been shown off it looks to maintain everything about a Sly Cooper game.
I didn't play the Sly cooper games until the collection and feel stupid for skipping out on it in PS2 generation, but it's easily one of the best series I have every played.

Hell Ready at Dawn did an excellent job with God of War psp titles. Both these teams are talented.

disturbing_flame2545d ago

It's time for reviewers and media to stop promoting only shooters and talk about those games that are just fun and enjoyable to play, those platformers that are merely about fun.

It's time for medias to look to those games and accord them the ttention they need to be promoted. we need more Sly like games on PS3/XB360. We definitely need more game like that than an other random shooter we played about 100 times those last years

Nate-Dog2545d ago

Hopefully they'll do the series justice. They have worked with Sucker Punch already so that's a plus. Gameplay looks fun, they have brought back disguises (and seemingly in even bigger form than in Sly 3), they're looking to make bosses more fun and diverse, so I'm not as worried as I initially was and I think they're going to do a good job.