Q-Games On PS3's 'Gaia' Music Visualizer

One of the more hidden features of the PlayStation 3's 2.10 firmware update is the spectacular Earth-based music visualizer, seen in motion on multiple user-posted YouTube videos and in stills in the pictures below.

The feature's creator, Kyoto-based Q-Games (PixelJunk Racers), which was commissioned by Sony to create the visualizer, has been talking to Gamasutra about the feature's genesis, its use of NASA data, and possible expansion concepts.

Q-Games' PR manager Duncan Flett spoke to Gamasutra about how that project got started, explaining: "Originally, we were working on the Gaia project (our name for the earth viewer) as a possible boot sequence for the PS3. The waving cloth background, also created by Q-Games, got the nod when the PS3 launched."

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eagle214042d ago

Everyone loves it. Best visualizer I've ever seen.

InMyOpinion4042d ago

It's more like a movie, since it does'nt react to, or visualize the music in any way.

marc 19754042d ago

i dont want to wait in vain for your games.. lol had to be said

Daver4042d ago

this visualizer is awesome!!

LOFT3164042d ago

very cool visualization!!even better when stoned

rev204042d ago

Everything is better when your stoned lol

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The story is too old to be commented.