Street Fighter X Tekken Opening Cinematic

With the amount of videos from prologues to new costumes, Capcom has released a slew of videos surrounding the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken. Yesterday they’ve released the opening cinematic to their upcoming crossover fighter.

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-Mika-2540d ago

That was lame. It was just a mash up of all the trailers. Capcom could atleast created something original.

kamruk2540d ago

But the intense music makes up for everything... right?^^

jc485732539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

none of this matters, especially with 12 locked characters that are discovered to be in the disc. From what I've seen, these characters are actually complete and have their own endings.

Edit: It really makes me sad as I've always supported Capcom products for years.

2539d ago