Survival Horror: History, Innovation, and Art

Survival Horror gaming can trace its roots back to archetypes found in early horror fiction: journeys into darkened depths, narratives filled with investigations, and protagonists with a strong mental dexterity being forced into confrontations with antagonists of physical prowess.

The interesting thing about this genre, however, lies in its inventiveness. Within this subgenre of "action adventure," gamers get the best of both worlds: a happy little marriage of gore and mental disturbance that keep sweaty palms wrapped around a controller for hours at a time.

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Hellbound19782539d ago

IMO a better title would be "The innovation and art of Survival Horror is history", as in non-existent!

It's quite a shame really but I have to believe true "Survival Horror" is not gone forever. The gaming industry is a fickle bi-otch, they all jump behind the newest trend but, whether it's FPS shooters, fighting games, RPG's or puzzle games they all had their renaissance and faded for awhile then came who knows??

Virtual_Reality2539d ago

The lack of Real Survival Horror in this gen is unbelievable.