Meet Korea's New 'League of Legends' Pro Team

Newly founded 'League of Legends' e-Sports team NaJin e-mpire recently had a photo shoot for its upcoming inauguration ceremony scheduled on the 10th of March.

NaJin e-mpire is the first Korean 'LoL' team contracted players with annual salary, interestingly also hiring a costume play team comprised of two girls, a.k.a Ahri costume play, for its team mascot.

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beastlysensation2539d ago

even though those girls may be men, id still fuck the shit out of them...

DoubleWinning2539d ago

Its really cool seeing new teams popping up! Leave it to Korea to start up with Mascots, making E-Sports mirror field sports more and more! I think this is an interesting turn that might just be a Korean gimmick.

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