Sacred 2 – Fallen Angel delayed

The developers of Sacred 2 – Fallen Angel has announced on the official site that the game will be released in September 2008 instead of March.

"An extension of the development process was necessary in order to ensure that we realize all the development plans and ship both PC and Xbox 360 versions with the best possible quality and stability.

A game as complex as Sacred 2 – Fallen Angel, with its many technical innovations, requires extensive testing and balancing in all areas. In certain areas of development we often had to make our way into uncharted territory when it came to implementing the new technologies which are required to make Sacred 2 – Fallen Angel the game that we set out to make. This inevitably led to situations where satisfactory realization of a vision took a bit longer than originally planned."

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pwnmaster30004046d ago

and people always saying ps3 games get delay

Silver Bull3t4046d ago

I read the article, wonder if he was refering to SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel. Wasn't quite sure LOL!