Sony Entitlements Explained, Patented?

A while back, on our original, blogspot site, I wrote a post saying that, based on the words of EGM editor Dan Shu, that Sony would be adding, the grammatically incorrect, "entitlements" to it's new system in much the same fashion that Microsoft has "achievements" for the Xbox 360. Apparently a patent has turned up that more fully explains what "entitlements" will be all about.

It seems that "entitlements" may not necessarily be an equal to "achievements" but it may be used as a way for one user who purchases a game to entitle someone else to play the game thus reaping a reward for passing the game along, and being grammatically correct, although the patent does not preclude "entitlements" being used in the same fashion as "achievements."

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Islandkiwi5853d ago

That's sort of what I got out of this. Sony trying to limit number of users of a game = no rentals, right?

BenzMoney5853d ago

It would seem like that is along the lines of what this story is saying. Entitlements = allowing someone to play a game you purchased. So... does this do away with rentals and buying/selling used games? ...seems fishy to me.

beans5853d ago

So is this what Bluray will be about? Will they try and make so you can't rent there movies or games anymore in an effort to make tons of profit?

Marriot VP5853d ago

It may be the only way developers can turn a profit. We'll see.

pRo loGic II5853d ago

Sony thinks their fans are Idiots.

andy capps5853d ago

I don't think this is true. Sony has been denying this for months and months.

Captain Tuttle5853d ago

Is that I believe this random blogger more than I believe Sony.

bung tickler5853d ago

why would sony admit this until the last minute or even untill well after the launch, you bet your ass they will deny it that doesnt make it untrue though... they know that the average gamer will not like this news and they already have enough bad PR why pile this on if they dont have to. it would be like them telling everyone in advance that they put root kits on thier cds.

Marriot VP5853d ago

Why would sony admit only 2 months till launch that they can only deliver 25% of what they promised and Europe would be delayed?

Why is the question isn't it.

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The story is too old to be commented.