Best Buy Video Game Deals of the Week

Best Buy have released their video game deals of the week. This weeks highlights include $20 off Skyrim for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, $20 off MLB 12 purchase for the PS3 and PS Vita, $50 off Kinect sensor and Xbox 360 250GB bundle and a host of discounted video games.

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RockmanII73430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

That extra 40% trade in value for Mass Effect 3 is very tempting. Link to find trade in values if you're interested.

moeqawama3430d ago

Thanks man, that was helpful

mugoldeneagle033430d ago

I don't know if it says in there, but the new Gamer magazine has coupons that will make Arkham City $19.99 & Rage, ME2 & Bulletstorm for $5

$5.99 for the mag

3429d ago
dirthurts3430d ago

20 bucks off of Skyim.
10 bucks off the wireless speed wheel. Not bad.

3430d ago
Hallow3430d ago

Sony should give you MLB for the Vita free with the purchase of the PS3 version.

Neo Nugget3430d ago

Why would they do that? TBH, I think the $20 discount they're offering is generous enough. They can't just go giving away the portable version along with a console version. It's not like it's a direct port that cost them nothing to convert to the Vita...

Hallow3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

Never mind I saw an article that Sony is doing a discount offer to promote their cross platform campaign with MLB. So at Least I don't have to spend $100 for both

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