GamesBeat review: Journey will take you into the cloudy heights of video game artistry

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi reviews Journey and finds it to be awesome.

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portugamer2540d ago

Another great score. I wonder if we'll see scores under 8.

I can't wait to put my hands on it.

Truerandom2540d ago

I'm waiting for the troll review from Tom Chick, from

NukaCola2540d ago

The guys at EDGE gave this game an 8 and they rate everything Sony does lower than everyone else. The only ones who would most likely give it a really poor score is the guys at GameKult or AV Club.


The game could possibly be ran through in 2-3 hours. RAN through. Which this game is not meant to do. But Oblivion can be beaten in 30 minutes if you know what you are doing. Obviously Journey isn't as long or packed with that much content.

This game is about the experience. Flower was very short and I played it slowly and beat it in about 4 hours or so, but it was breathtaking. And returning to the world and exploring hidden secrets gave it much more life. I think this type of game is dedicated to the ideals that games can be about feelings and artistic expression. What Chen and Santiago do is nothing short of masterpieces. I think people should look at the bigger picture within these small packages.

And to be fair here: LIMBO can be ran through in a couple hours and was the highest rated GOTY Indi game when it cam $15 and no one complained. This also does a style of co-op that is amazing and very original.

MrMister2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I love Jenova Chen (With time people will see that his creativity is practically on par to Mayamoto's) and TGC (ThatGameCompany) but IGN (who rated the game favorably) reports that it can be beaten in 2 hours. Okay, fine, it's hella short--but a 2 hour game for $15? And PS plus subscribers wont even get a discount...even though we get it early. I dunno man, I gotta think about if its really worth it for only 2 hours/$15 bucks (plus the memory it'll take up (I only have 4GB's left in my 120GB PS3 Slim -_-). Not trolling, but I waited a year for this game and it's only 2 hours. Bummer. I think the lack of longetivity should have been factored into the price. Perhaps $10 is more fitting (and NO i'm not a cheapskate--I own over 40 PS3 games, and pay for PS+; but $15 for 2 hours just doesn't quite feel right).

portugamer2540d ago

Sure,15$ is a bit hard.even if its a masterpiece, its still a certain amount of cash. We are so used to 'go go go !' When we play a game, whenever there is a button or an option to run, we use it.

Like shank 2. Finished it in a few hours, and the game was like 12$, or more. It wasn't the goty, but it was a 'nice' game. Bit still a little expensive.

I think the limit for all the psn games should be like 9.99$. But once again, there are games and games. The excellent renegade ops, which costed a bit more, lasted at least 7-10 hours. Too much content for only 9.99$, I think.

By the way, at the end, I couldn't finish the last level, and decided to give it a break. And played a few online coop missions. In one of them, I got stuck behind a box, and couldn't move anymore. I killed the game,only solution. When I tryed to continue the solo game, all my characters upgrades were gone. Holly cow!! I didnt play anymore.

Back to journey, I think these games need to be watched and played with some different eyes. Since its supposed to be some kind of art, we need to take our time, to really admire it.

And for the high price, above 10$, well, I just say to myself "next soda or coffee I'm going to buy,well, I'll skip it and save 5$, for journey". And my game is paid.

MrMister2534d ago

I took your advice. i'm buying the game. I just had to experience this game. It's so different.