2007 Best gaming year ever?

2007 has been one to place a gold star next to in our gaming diary. A new generation of consoles has arrived, the PC platform has continued to push the technological platform and hand-held gaming devices are more popular than ever. On the software front we were blessed with many new IP's, and the Wii and party games widened the gaming demographic more than ever.

iTWire editor Mike Bantick looks at how Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft performed for the year, and the new intellectual properties that came out in 2007. Finally, he answers the question: 2007 - the best gaming year ever?

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Zhuk4042d ago

It's only because of the Xbox 360 that 2007 was such a good year for games. It is apparent that the gaming world would be lost without the Xbox 360s AAA lineup and next generation capabilites.

The PS3 offered nothing positive at all (every single gamed bombed financially and critically) and the Wii only offered rehashes of old franchises and casual shovelware which is a step backwards rather than a step forwards.

Without the Xbox 360, the future of gaming would be bleak

unsunghero284042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

I'm not going to say that the 360 had a bad lineup, because it had a great one. But the truth is that there is quite a fallacy in your logic.

What you said was that "Without the Xbox 360, the future of gaming would be bleak." What you fail to realize is if the 360 literally didn't exist, then chances are its AAA titles would just be on other consoles, not nonexistent. 2K Games would have gone to Sony with BioShock. BioWare would have gone to Sony with Mass Effect. Chances are, in this alternate reality even Bungie would have gone to Sony with the Halo franchise.

My point is that you give MS and the 360 way too much credit; in fact, it's the stellar developers you should be thanking. Oh, and you failed to observe the gameplay gems that are Warhawk, Uncharted, Zack & Wiki, and Super Mario Galaxy, all on the PS3 or Wii.

P.S. PS3 and Wii both look very, very good for 2008.

shrimpboat4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

He thinks that the 360 is the only console in the world. Many of this years AAA titles were Multi-platform and sold well on the PS3 and 360, and some even on the Wii(Guitar Hero III). Pull your head out of the Sand.

MaximusPrime4042d ago

"it's only because of the Xbox 360 that 2007 was such a good year for "games." correct. Now this is the end of 2007, PS3 is on the verge of reclaiming console crown.

"It is apparent that the gaming world would be lost without the Xbox 360s AAA lineup and next generation capabilites." Ha ha ha. you are a total moron. We have PS3. the lineup for 2008 will be awesome. Everyone welcome.

"The PS3 offered nothing positive at all" incorrect. you never played it you idiot.

"Without the Xbox 360, the future of gaming would be bleak"
how long did it take you to work that out. What you should have said is that with PS3 and Wii, the future of gaming will continue.

whoelse4042d ago

I dont think so.

2007 was specacular for games. 2008 will be one step further! Especially for the PS3.

Xemnas4042d ago

you have broken the current barrier of Human stupidity.

antoinetm4042d ago

bubbles for u zhuk.

seriously, each time i read ur comment i cant stop laughing.

bubbles from a ps3 boy to a 360 boy.

Thats the spirit of Xmas.

Covenant4042d ago

Zhuk, you just got a disagree...from a proud 360 owner. Dude, stop trolling.

go0se4042d ago

I think he has an obscene object personal to mr gates in his mouth.....Bill is that you?

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Greysturm4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

1998 remains the best year in gaming, this one missed an essential rts such as Starcraft, a AAA stealt action game named metal gear etc and a best game ever like ocarina of time to name a few of this years deficits.

Next year might be the best but only if ff13 and gears 2 make into the year since Starcraft 2 and MGS4 are coming next year.

Real Gambler4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

It's all a matter of personal opinions anyway. Personally, it's by far, my most expensive year. Bought well over $1000 worth of games alone. Likely over 2K but do not even want to do the math. And yep, there's still some awesome games I have not bought yet, not that I could not afford it, but because I have to draw the line somewhere. And I'm expecting 2008 to be easier on the wallet, so I guess I'll buy them next year anyway.

But yes, those 1998 games were awesome. Particularly Starcraft in my book. But even though, there was not that many games to look after.

Anybody knows what the author was thinking about for 1979??? I know it was the boom for PCs and Apple IIs, but gaming was still pretty young. Arcade games? Atari 2600 though it was earlier?

desolationstorm4042d ago

The games listed on Wikipedia for 1979
18 Wheeler (video game)
4-Player Bowling Alley
ABPA Backgammon
Adventure (Atari 2600)
Asteroids (arcade game)
BASIC Programming
Barrier (arcade game)
Basketball (arcade game)
Beam Invader
Bomb Bee
Computer Bismarck
Cutie Q
Golf (Videopac game)
Invasion Orion
Lunar Lander (arcade game)
Lunar Lander (computer game)
Lunar Rescue
Monaco GP (arcade game)
Night Driver
Ozma Wars
Sheriff (arcade game)
S cont.
Space (computer game)
Space Fever
Star Fire
Star Raiders
Star Trek: Phaser Strike
Sundance (arcade game)
Superman (Atari game)
Temple of Apshai
Video Chess
Warrior (arcade game)

i also looked at the list for 1998 and yeah there were some great games from that year the most notiable were already mentioned with the exception of Halflife and finalfantasy tactics. I think it would be debatable which of those two years were better but there are some classics from back then.

technology4042d ago

every one knows why... :D

PimpHandHappy4042d ago

2007 was the best year of consele games yet

im willing to bet 08 will be better and 09 will be better then that

08 for me thou is going to be real nice

Socom GTA and MGS

The full blown GT5 IMO wont be here till 09

PimpHandHappy4042d ago

im starting to think you cant really think the way you speak on these forums

I think your just playing a roll kinda like a heal in the WWE. You my friend are a true loser and if your an adult i would hate to hear your views on world events because i bet these views are formed by what the White House says.


biggest fan boy loser on N4G


shrimpboat4042d ago

I think Zhuk seriously needs counseling. If I called the nut ward on him I wonder if they will give me a check.

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