PSPSPS's Games of the Year

Looking back, 2007 will be known as a difficult time for the PS3. For all the dark times, there were a number of really great games to brighten the horizon for the fledgling console – enough even for all of the PSPSPS writers to fail to come to any unified decision on which one is the best. So here PSPSPS have all of their choices for PS3 Game of the Year.

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DFresh4042d ago

That year wasn't exactly that bad they still had games to offer just not that much compared to the 360. Things are beginning to change as well as developers rapidly switching to the PS3 format for technology in games.
Resistance Fall of Man
Genji days of the Blade
as well as downloadable games like flow, blast factor, calling all cars, etc.
brought Uncharted Drake's Fortune, Ratchet & Clank Future, Unreal Tournament 3, etc.
2008 well that's a defining moment for the PS3.
If anything I would look at how far they came from 2006.
The titles and technology will continue to come as the years go by and people will really see what the PS3 is all about and once the PS4 comes out on November 17, 2016 then the same process will occur.
Me I'm a Sony fan and proud to be one looking forward to what's coming in the near future.
SONY FTW!!!!!!!!!