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thatgamecompany is often considered one of the best indie developers in existence, especially after their work with the phenomenal Flower. With that much pressure to live up to, their next venture, Journey is here. But does it live up to expectations? - PSLS

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Foolsjoker2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

AMAZING review....going to be a long few days =(

PS. its spoiler free

doctorstrange2542d ago

OMG, I can't recommend this game enough. Buy it the second it is available.

Arnagrim2542d ago

Based on the reviews for this so far I wouldn't be surprised if Sony throws some money at TGC to try and get them to become a first party studio.

IRetrouk2542d ago

i hope so, sony tend to support game devs like this, also would like them to throw some money at them for a vita.ps3 combo

B_Rian892542d ago

so many great reviews. Now I wish this was a bluray title

ElementX2542d ago

So I heard this is the last game of a 3-game contract with Sony. Wonder what will happen to the developers now? Multiplatform?

IRetrouk2542d ago

maybe, but would like sony to buy them, best thing to do is support the devs hard work, very talented bunch of people

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