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Does Mod Nation Road Trip fix the problems from the past games in the series and make for a great handheld kart racer?

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ShadyDevil2542d ago

Not a bad score, but it is higher than what I expected for Modnation. Didn't really care for MUCH for the console counterpart.

Yodagamer2542d ago

I still don't see why there isn't an online mode almost every other kart racer has online now days

ladybug72542d ago

this game was a day 1 buy for me untill i found out no online mode... like wtf were they thinking if this had online it would stand a chance agaisnt 3ds's mario kart without online this game is fail, so i got wipeout instead =)

Soldierone2542d ago

I bought it thinking it did have online, common sense told me it would. Yet I got to multiplayer and its AD HOC only? WTf is that crap....

Soldierone2542d ago

The lack of online and the absolutely terrible loading times totally kill this game. I don't understand how uncharted loads in about half the time it takes to load one damn race

ladybug72542d ago

uncharted is a SWEEET game on the vita the only thing i really hate is the pointless anoying forced swiping =(

TooTall192542d ago

After playing the demo the game isn't as bad as I thought. I will buy eventually.