Recommendations, Release Dates, Deals, and Free Games - March, Week 1

We take a look at games released in the past week and collect the best new sales, recommend our favorites, and link to the best free games....

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portugamer2544d ago

There's one game on his list, peggle, like him, I spent countless hours playing it. Even in my family, there are people that play it 2-3 hours every night. And the extension, peggle nights, is a great addition.

Simply, OnCE you start playing this game, off or online, you can't stop anymore. Worst then morphine, you will be addicted and will never stop playing ,ever.

So please guys, if you want a fun game, that even your children can play, try peggle+ nights extension.

You won't regret. I promiss you.

Menashe2544d ago

Yes, I also played Peggle Nights. I was seriously addicted to Peggle. It was almost like crack. When I was having a bad day, it was like a pick-me-up. Other nights I would play it for like 4-5 hours at a time. And this was for months at a time. So, yeah, I don't think I ever played a game as much as I played Peggle and I consider myself a pretty intensely hardcore gamer.

portugamer2544d ago

Yeah, just like me.when you move from an uncharted or god of war session, and you start a peggle game,it feels a bit weird :)

Can't remember how many thousand times I've heard that sound,at the beginning, 'la lalala lala - la lalala lala' lol