Gran Turismo HD - New Details and Images

As still unofficialy stated in day before Tokyo Game Show, Gran Turismo HD should be available in December in Japan for all lucky PS3 owners there.

The New Famitsu states that game will come with two modes (releases?) "GT HD Premium" and "GT HD Classic". It remains to be seen what this means. Also, the offical GT japanese site has put up the new section titled "GT meets PS3" dated 22-24/9, which are official dates for TGS 2006. Link:

Official info and other details are coming as Sony's conference approaches.

Also, there is sight of first new track in GTHD: The Eiger Nordwand, Switzerland.

Also, some light has been added to Classsic & Premium modes:
GT HD Preimum will use full PS3 hardware, potential, while GT HD Classic will be based on GT HD Demo. It is somehow now obvious that both modes will be included on the same disk.
However, GT Classic mode will feature over 50 courses for online racing and online will be 100% included in the game. There is notion about weather changes, but still not mention about being real-time.
New tracks and cars will be offered to download: car is to cost from euro 0.33/USD 0.42 to euro 0.66/USD 0.84, while tracks from euro 1.32/USD 1.68 to euro 3.30/USD 4.20.

Source: Famitsu via Gtplanet

Below are the first images from the game.

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LiquifiedArt5849d ago

GT:Classic, GT:Premium. Think of GT:Premium as as GTConcept was to GT4, as GTPremium is to GT5, and they bundled in GT4 Online! [email protected]#

I'll be the first to buy this one!

kingboy5849d ago

i read samething on a french web site talking about same info here

bilal5849d ago

nut i dont think that they can use up the ps3ps whole power this early in lifecycle...i think the premiem version would look like something expected from a nextgen gt.

CAPS LOCK5849d ago

damage on, because it would be fun to repair the cars and there should be realtime weather changes.

specialguest5849d ago (Edited 5849d ago )

also...they BETTER have online play! i hope this is a real upgrade of GT4 and not just an upscale on the resolution.

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The story is too old to be commented.