The PlayStation Recap — Reaper Madness Edition

PlayStation Blog: Just typing the date “March 6th” gives me goosebumps! This Tuesday marks the release of Mass Effect 3, the long-anticipated finale to BioWare’s RPG space opera that’s coming to Blu-ray and PSN. As a series devotee, I’m dying to see how my storyline plays out, especially how it will build upon the (often poor) decisions I made in Mass Effect 2. If you want to hear more early impressions for Mass Effect 3, listen to our discussion on the new episode of PlayStation Blogcast.

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Snookies122539d ago

It unfortunately doesn't get me too excited... Not after hearing bad things about the PS3 version of ME3. How it stutters and suffers framerate issues. I have my ME2 save on my PS3, so I'd have to go with that version of the game, so it's a little disheartening to hear things like that. Hopefully they'll have a possible update or something to fix any issues with the PS3 version, but we'll see I guess.

NeloAnjelo2539d ago

Hopefully they patch this...

Regardless though I can not wait for this game. I am replaying ME1 on my 360, but have my ME2 save on PS3.