Inside source reports Darkstalkers 4 is in the works

Street Fighter X Tekken's Yoshinori Ono allegedly at the helm.

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-Mika-2543d ago

I personally think this is a waste of money Capcom. Darkstalkers was never that popular and i just don't see it having a following like street fighter or mvc3.

Deadpool6162543d ago

Do you live in Bizzaro World or something?! People have been screaming for another Darkstalkers game ever since Street Fighter 4 reinvigorated the fighting scene.

Scissorman822543d ago

Could not disagree with you more. Bring it on I say!

lastdual2543d ago

On the one hand, I love Darkstalkers and want a new game badly.

On the other hand, I really don't know how I feel about it getting the polygon treatment. DS was one of the most beautiful 2D fighters ever, and I'd much prefer HD sprites to polygons, although I know how unlikely that is...

soundslike2543d ago

I disagree. Theres nothing wrong with the older games, so if I want sprites I'll just play those.

Skateboard2543d ago

Please go back to sprites Capcom, you did it the best.

kagon012542d ago

Those who disagree with you love ugly looking games...

With their resources they could easily release a game with a superior 2D engine than KOFXIII, but that will never happen. Instead they will release an ugly looking 3D incomplete(dlc) game...