Mass Effect 3′s Multiplayer Was BioWare’s Biggest Challenge, Wanted It In Since ME1

MP1st - Though multiplayer has been a wish among the BioWare team since the inception of the Mass Effect franchise, unfortunately, it just didn’t click with the story and setting of earlier games. Casey Hudson speaks about the challenges that were included with developing multiplayer.

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Hufandpuf2541d ago

I don't see myself spending too much time in multiplayer. They should have made it pvp instead of co op.

Mister_V2541d ago

Man, that would have been real tough to balance and probably would have been a pain in the ass for BioWare. I don't mind the simple horde style MP. Doesn't distract too much from the SP.

FCOLitsjustagame2541d ago

Yeah because being caught in a statsis bubble or being flung through the air wouldn't be annoying or frustrating at all.

Team deathmatch....Vanguard spam fest who can charge and Nova first....oh Asari Statsis/charge combo, insta-death.

Blacktric2541d ago

-Bioware announces multiplayer.
-Everyone throws sh*t at them for adding PvP to the game.
-Bioware announces details of the MP and reveals it's co-op.
-Everyone throws sh*t again for it not being PvP.

I love N4G.

vickers5002539d ago

Hufandpuf and the five people that agreed with him isn't "everyone". In fact more people disagree with him.

Lord_Sloth2541d ago

Noe wverybody can stop blaming EA for "forcing Bioware to do ruin ME" even though they probably won't.

Mister_V2541d ago

Yeah. And ppl need to understand that the original studio working on SP was not compromised in any way. So I don't think it's ruining anything.

soundslike2541d ago

I can't wait to play as an Asari Biotic and set up combos for my buds!

Mister_V2541d ago

The combo idea works out pretty nicely eh? The MP is a lot tighter than I expected it to be.

002541d ago

The only thing mass effect 3 has going for now is MP and I can't wait to play it.

Chuk52541d ago

I may try multiplayer second playthrough.

Mister_V2541d ago

Sounds like the way to go.

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