DUST 514 : Leaked Screenshots [Dropsuit Fitting]

Awesome news! We got our first DUST 514 leaks! Only 3 screenshots, yet so much information. For starters, something everyone was waiting for, the Dropsuit fitting screen. Enjoy!

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Ethereal2540d ago

Can't wait to give this a shot. CCP is top notch.

S_C2540d ago

Is this gonna be on the vita aswell ?

torchic2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

from what I understand, you will be able to make microtransactions using the Vita. so there will be Dust 514 on Vita, but it won't be the full PS3 version. but there will be some kind of cross-platform gameplay.

CarlitoBrigante2540d ago

Another AAA exclusive to PS3s library.

MrGunny942540d ago

Looks like it's a next gen move... combining MMO elements with a FPS... I mean your fighting for a cause for a goal.. it's not just go in and bang elimanate done.. queue for other... I hope this is the future of FPS games... combining elements like MAG did but more immersive

Dragunov2540d ago

Looks pretty bad, Starhawk is where is at

Virtual_Reality2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Starhawk is not a MMO. Not saying Starhawk is bad because of that, the game is actually good, I've played the beta.

But DUST 514 is different, is an MMOFPS, it offers also more RTS Elements than Starhawk.

coryok2540d ago

you know ps3 owners have it good when theyre arguing over which exclusive games are the best

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