The Top Ten Epic Tracks in Game Music

Let me preface first by ensuring you that I do not intend to treat “epic” as a synonym for “best.” These are simply the ten tracks I feel evoke the most intensity. I acknowledge that I have not played every game known to man and, therefore, may have overlooked tracks worthy of inclusion.

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BlackjackCF2542d ago

Fantastic list. You've just about read my mind for all my favorite videogame composers.

Just lacking a little bit of Kevin Riepl.

will_c_752542d ago

Infamous 1 had one of the best soundtracks I havr heard in the game. Its pacing matched the tone of the missions almost to a t. Psn title rochard had a suprisingly good soundtrack.

KingNintendoFanboy2542d ago

I find the lack of Zelda disturbing.

jthamind2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

holy shit, does the writer realize gaming didn't start in the late 90s?

no Mega Man 2 Wiley's Castle?

no Legend of Zelda main theme?

no Decisive Battle?

no Sonic 2 Robotnik theme?

Blacktric2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Holy mother of f*ck don't you realize that this is an opinion piece?

BlackjackCF2542d ago

:V This is an opinion piece on what the author thinks is epic music. Maybe she didn't find those epic.

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