EGM- Journey Review

Brady Fiechter, EGM- "Games are at their best when I’m playing them and authoring my experience as I go along. If I had to describe Journey for its most game-y achievements, you could call it a successful platformer—most of the traditional engagement involves jumping on things, gliding to the next ledge, absorbing jump energy to make the proper distance across a chasm.

But I now know what director Jenova Chen was lamenting to me a while back, when he kept reading previews straining to detail what you do in Journey. He wanted to know what we felt. I felt a sense of wonder, peace, and even a little awe at times. If a spiritual experience sounds odd to you, perhaps I could call it meditative. These aren’t words that come often in a video game."

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edwineverready2544d ago

I am going to support this game in the hope many developers will follow with original games like this.This is what gaming is all about for me. being surprised and taken away by a game.

Nac2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I keep on reading these reviews and I can't but help think the label "game" really demeans and restricts this medium. Afterall, regardless of the medium, "Journey" sounds like one hell of an experience.

GezForce2544d ago

Can't wait to experience this beautiful one...
lol at the haters, no need to be jealous, your loss not mine. there's plenty of fps's to keep you lot busy.

Nac2544d ago

Go ahead and disagree, but "game" implies an objective, something we are getting less and less of. Instead the focus has shifted to immersion and intimacy. Chapter 18 of UC3 was less about "finding something" and more about being in the moment. There wasn't a clear goal in the desert nor was there a checkpoint that had to be accessed. It coninues on depending on the way you interact, be it walking at night or looking up at the stars. An Experience in a true sense of the word.