EDGE- MotorStorm RC Review

Edge- Evolution Studio's boisterous racer champions Vita's connectivity.

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Yi-Long2545d ago

... and I'm a huge fan of top-down racers (except for when they're weapon-based).

However, I'm slightly worried about the tracks being too small and there being only 4 different environments. Of those in the demo I thought only the Pacific track was 'big' enough, and even that wasn't that big.

Still, for only 6 euro it seems like a nice buy.

Aggesan2545d ago

Don't worry about track variation, there's a lot of them. Yes, there are only four different themes for the tracks, but each theme contains a lot of tracks. I don't know the exact number, but I would guess it's around 25-35 tracks in total.

ginsunuva2545d ago

I think there's 18 tracks.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2545d ago

It's top down. That's a big NO from me. :/ Go RC. That's fine. I love RC cars. But top down? That's not fun at all...

MySwordIsHeavenly2540d ago

I redact that statement. This game is PHENOMENAL! I'm not sure how they got a top-down racing game to be fun, but they did!

AusRogo2545d ago

I was guessing a 7.. its always a 7/8 pattern. Next exclusive shall be... 8.