Alan Wake may outstrip Crysis next year via

"Can the graphics of Alan wake set a new standard in gaming?
All fans of graphically impressive titles were indeed spoiled this year. But, what comes to Crysis, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Bioshock and Co after 2007, was that already the end of the flag bar, or will 2008 bring a whole new generation of gameplay, which will be bordering reality."

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Gamingisfornerds4584d ago (Edited 4584d ago )

That said, I haven't seen the game running on a 360 so it's still anyones guess what this game will look like on it.

I only care for the 360 version (no PC gamer myself anymore), and I hope it will be as impressive on it as that early tech demo and the screenshots released. But I fear that they'll have to cut a few corners here and there to make it work on the 360.

Although, if I look at games like BIA:HH and Silent Hill 5, it might not be that far fetched at all. Here's for hoping.

I'm really digging the concept of this game, it's seems it like could turn out to be a real 'mature videogame' in terms of intelligent writing/script. I mean, how often do you come across a psychological thriller videogame concept like this?

Can't wait to (finally!!!) get some solid info and footage of this game!

KidMakeshift4584d ago (Edited 4584d ago )

They haven't been exploiting the games graphics like the Crysis developers.

I'm even more excited now. Lets just hope they don't push it back yet another year

Kain814584d ago

with a Quad Core and quadsli GPU and 4GB-ram.
What we have seen is not possible on 360, i would say they must downgrade something.
And crisis is a flop because the pc-requirements, and Alan awake will go the same way.

KidMakeshift4584d ago

It'll probably be "Game of The Year" in 2 years when people can actually run it

ps1h1ch4583d ago


Remedy has stated several times on their forums that the game will be practicly identical for PC and Xbox.

AdolfBinBush4583d ago

if Alan Wake outstrip's Crysis it wont be on 360, and if it comes we will see crysis ported to X360.

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ActionBastard4583d ago

I've seen nothing on Alan Wake that would even suggest it looks as good or better than Crysis. I'm not saying it isn't going to look great, but you think they'd be pimping that fact already. The screenshots and vids out now just don't make my jaw drop to the floor. That said, I'd still like to check it out.

unlimited4583d ago

it looks like ill be getting this game on PC since i already can play crysis on my PC..The 360 wont be able to handle this game and be downgraded when they ported it.

hamburgerhill4583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

Your comment is totally out of place and silly! We don't know if UT3 runs better on PS3 and regardless of the so called lag in GEOW we have yet to see how the 360 version of UT3 looks,runs, and plays! Alan Wake will be huge and I believe the 360 has a lot more power then what we've been led to believe! This game alone is one of my most anticipated games ever and I can't wait to see how far they've come along.

Edit: Tanod I really wish i could take you serious but it's obvious tnat you are saying whatever because someone has hurt you in a past thread with anti ps3 news! It's really ashame you come on here and spew nothing but childish nonsense and people actually listen to you! I try not to ignore anybody but you will be the 1st only because you seriously dont make any sense and come to these threads only to try and anger people and say things not smarter then a 5th grader! I'm looking forward to this game like i'm sure many others are so downplay and brag online all you want because Alan will sell many copies regardless of what ever it is your trying to say or do!

mesh14583d ago

HAHAHA TONOD NICE JOKE IF u think ut3 looks better than gears of war u must have drank a whole whiskey bottle before ur post also uncharted best looking gme HAHA assassins creed looks farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr better than uncharted and is on a much bigger scale with thousands of people walking around gears of war looks farrr better than uncharted but u ps3 fans can keep dreaming p,s ur link leads to gameradars front page btw nothing about uncharted there KIDDO u should already know that the 360 is more capable of complicated grapics engine+ game play than the ps3 this is proven just look at FAllout 3 .

shmee4583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

Uncharted has the best WATER and graphics

" We've never seen anything like it except for actual water and we want it like this in every game. Even games set in deserts."

Happy MESH


you accidentally posted your comments as KARLTARG

what happened to ur other account Bllodmask and Power of Green

karlostomy4583d ago

Hey Tanod.

You accidentally logged in and posted as schmee!

Whatever happened to Nazim? Will he make an appearance today?

Just use a different IP or proxy... that'll work hey buddy?


gaffyh4583d ago

It may look better on PC but never on the 360 (or PS3 if it was coming out), anyone who believes this is stupid. Crysis Maxes out graphics so much that 3 8800 Ultras in 3-way SLi can't even max out Crysis. Alan Wake and pretty much every other game looks nowhere near as good.

I can just about max out the settings of crysis on my PC (at a low resolution), it looks really really great except that it runs at 1 fps or something. :(

JasonPC360PS3Wii4583d ago

You know truth, the opposite lie? god you're worse than DJ. It's not all that hard bro, you can still be a fanboy, argue and love your console of choice with just useing truth. I do it so does Blademask, TheMart, Bloodmask, POG, Elite, MK and Maddens Raiders does it and he is a hardcore PS3 fan, hell even PimpHand uses the truth 50% of the time. Try it on somtime it's a good fit.

sak5004583d ago

What did tanod/shmee said that got u guys up? Oh wait, i can't see their comments cuz i have them ignored. Suggest u guys do the same and save urself a brain cell.

Statix4583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

Crytek said it themselves: The only reason Crysis can't be done on consoles is because of memory constraints, not CPU or GPU power. It's not a matter of "Crysis looks too good," it's that the levels are too big and require too much memory. Watch the Gamespot video interview.

The Crytek CEO is quoted as saying, "If you compare, per frame, we can achieve everything we want on all three platforms, the PC, the PS3, and the 360."

Again, it's not just "how damn good Crysis looks," it's more of a technical matter of how much RAM the game needs to run. Bottom line is, I don't think Alan Wake looking as good or better, on a purely visual level, is far-fetched.

The Dude4583d ago


Careful shemme, nasism, TANOD or one of his fifty other accounts will disagree with you..... LOL

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Cartesian3D4584d ago

hope to see a game that runs on midrange pc s..

I played Gears of War lately at highest setting and above 30FPS on my laptop(8600Gt 256 GDDR3, 2.4 Core 2 duo and 2GB DDR2 ram) .. but cant run crysis in 30FPS even in high setting and lower resolution ...

anyway I believe in them .. and Im sure they will make an impressive game like before..

Good luck ..

Snoozer2824584d ago

Annoyingly we havent really had any information about Alan wake for over a year. Its last official press release was back in 2006. (I wish that article had sorted out its translation better, i.e, word order, and not just copied and paste)

Nicosia4584d ago

When we heard about a first party title being cancelled by ms remedy direcly let us know that they are not cancelled. So there keeping the game under wraps i guess.

Bullseye4584d ago

time in the making and i have a feeling this will be a classic.Graphics to better crysis? Nah, get real.360 isn't capable of surpassing those graphics, but that doesn't mean it won't be besting the 360 graphics bar so far.Looking forward to this one.

Horny4583d ago

Its only been two years for the 360 and 1 for the ps3, Im sure in the near future there will be tons of games that surpass Crysis visuals, Ps3 is already close with Uncharted, some aspects of it already look better. Im sure both console will have a lot better graphics in late 08 and 09.

Lord_Mike4583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

I hope it looks great on XBOX 360 when its out. I mean it would be really nice to see how a console can really flex its muscles. Consoles>PC gaming (except in FPS)