BF3 Dev Details Incoming Tweaks to Spotting, Reveals Least Popular Map, and More

MP1st - Lead Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, details some upcoming changes that will be making its way to Battlefield 3′s spotting system. He also touches on how different PS3 controllers can have an effect on responsiveness.

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TrendyGamers2545d ago

Interesting to see Tehran as the least played.

Majin-vegeta2545d ago

Yea i hate Tehran it's laggy as hell for me that's why i always try to skip pit.I think another 6 months for this game in development would have helped it out alot but no dumb EA rushed them>:|.

deadpoole2545d ago

PS3 controller input lag is what ruining this game for me ... just for ppl to understand what Im sayin, play one match for BF3 (rush or conquest) then play BFBC2 or BF1943 ... you'll exactly understand how worst, sluggish and input lag aimin controls is ruining BF3 on PS3 ... u simply cant aim for hell in bf3 cuz it keep swirlin around like a loose rubber lolllll.

Aim control are 100% responsive in BC2 and BF1943.

Criminal2545d ago

@deadpole I don't get how DICE can get it right in 2 games, then for their biggest game, they screw up big time.

parasit32545d ago Show
gypsygib2544d ago

Yeah, it's probably the worst controlling FPS game I every played. I'm pissed too because I could have easily bought for 360 but got it on PS3 due to a LoT comparison.

Just played Halo Reach recently and it's remarkable how perfect the analog controls are.

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scrambles2545d ago

Tehran Highway isnt Tehran highway its just Tehran underpass with a load of snipers ontop of the highway getting 133t snipes. They didnt make it anything special at all. Its not truely a night map just a little bit harder to see. The flag layout is boring they dont even use the interesting parts of the map out of fear it will be "too big" for console players. A lot of the maps could use some tweaking, enlarging, adding of flanking routes, less choke points, more vehicles, and more flags.

gedapeleda2545d ago

I hate this map all flags are in one line

mugoldeneagle032544d ago

But for the most part its one huge lag infested tank battle that usually lasts close to 1 hour, which is way too long for me.

And I know it's not just me because Tehran clears out rooms fast ha.

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Mister_V2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

In reply to Trendy Gamers: I guess not so surprising though. Too glitchy at the moment. Freakin' "snipers" MAV-ing their way to the top highway.

Criminal2545d ago

I don't feel any big difference between the Sixaxis and Dual Shock 3. I think the whole input lag issue falls on DICE and their poor post launch support in terms of fixes.

sovietsoldier2545d ago

i bet if the irnv was never touched by tweaks, tehran would have been the favorite map. the maving to top of high way is currently the main reason no body likes it.

Mister_V2545d ago

BF life post-patch will be soooooooo good. Sunshine and rainbows!

The_KELRaTH2545d ago

The highway section should have been integral to the map's gameplay with all vehicles being able to drive across from one end to the other.
Would have given the map much more of a Battlefield openness feel.

Soldierone2545d ago

I don't like it because it's the only map I get intense lag on. The added sniper scrubs and OP vehicles make it even worse. I normally quit every time that map comes up.

-Alpha2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Spotting is really stupid in this game, its really turned me off from playing until they patch the damn thing.

The auto spotting is a joke:

and audio spotting is even worse. I hate audio spotting a lot, use your ears to listen to where the enemy is coming from.

Or at least do it like MAG did. MAG did it real well where the game outlines the direction of the sounds depending on the distance, instead of painting the target on the minimap.

And I still think the general balance is broken too, and hopefully the new patch fixes that. Engineers are still too good at everything but the patch sounds promising in that regard. BC2 had it better where, as an Engineer, I was really forced to fear other infantry due to my SMG restriction and silencers killing my range.

krazykombatant2544d ago

I don't know about the auto spotting, don't really notice it, i don't think its in console versions, but yeah the decent weapons are all getting nerfed, the engineer class is simply too damn OP in the whole game.

I didn't like the M98B is going to get nerfed so that all the bolt action rifles have the same damage. I think the proper way to patch it would be that after a certain long distance a shot should be an immediate kill. if you hit someone at 300 or 400+ distance it should be immediate kill for a bolt action. At this point there is no need to really use the bolt action since you have better chance with the semi-automatic rifles.

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