Fable: Heroes leaked for Xbox LIVE Arcade

Microsoft showcased Fable: Heroes, a new Xbox LIVE Arcade title, at its Spring 2012 Showcase event in San Francisco recently.

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Abash2543d ago

Im more interested in this than that Fable Kinect game

Mystogan2543d ago

Yeah it sounds interesting even though the only information we have about is a name and that its an XBLA game.

da_2pacalypse2543d ago

Hopefully they can do some more creative things this time around. Fable3 was a good game, but it wasn't much different than fable2, which is why I was kind of disappointed.

NukaCola2542d ago

I really think Fable should have a Chrystal Chronicles style game. I don't need a top down, but I would really love to explore new parts of the world in a 4 player style game. The Fable universe is very interesting. I think it peaked with the 2nd game and hope this will boost it up. I am not at all interested in the Kinect game. I am a huge fan of smaller titles as they take bigger risks and many times out perform the AAA console titles.

Gildarts2542d ago

This also might be the second fable running Unreal Engine, counting Fable: The journey.

gamingdroid2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Actually, I'm very interested to see how the Fable Kinect game turns out. A first party "core" game for Kinect should be interesting.

Ryse, Crimson Dragon and Star Wars (to some extent) are also other core games I'm curious about for Kinect.

Of course, we know ME3 is working awesomely with Kinect already.

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ZeroX98762543d ago

just give us fable 3 graphics, with fable 1 skill set ( with more features too), put it that you can play multiplayer and I can guarantee that it will be a best seller on Xbox Live Arcade!!!!!

SuperBeast8112543d ago

Fable 2 and 3 have guns whats your point??

IM_KINECTED2543d ago

So they are saying there will indeed be a new IP for the Xbox 360 this year. Throw in this new Fable XBLA game, new Forza Horizon, Fable The Journey, Halo 4 and possibility of a new Killer Instinct. It all sounds pretty darn good.

That German magazine might have been right when they said all 4 of Microsoft's top franchises return. So far we know Halo, Fable, Forza, the only thing missing is Gears Of War Exile.

Could be a very interesting year and its looking like we really wont see anything on a next Xbox this year. Which is fine, I could have gone either way with a new console. Glad Microsoft is giving us some quality titles this year.

honkyjesus2543d ago

Wait. A new Halo and they are turning Forza into a yearly franchise so that is good?

Where are they saying a new IP? That isn't in the article. At all.

IM_KINECTED2543d ago

"Steve Beinner, Microsoft’s director of global marketing first party games, told the website that there is still “a lot of life left in the Xbox 360,” and teased that a new IP for the platform would be revealed later this year.

Forza isn't getting turned into a years franchise, this is a game that was originally titles "Forza World" I believe. Its an open world racing game, similar to Need For Speed. I think they are just using the Forza brand name for recognizably.

This isn't a Forza Motorsport game.

As for Halo 4, hell yea that is good. I love Halo, and this is the first Halo with Master Chief since 2007, that is a 5 year wait.

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wallis2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

I don't think you should be giving credit to Microsoft. They're publishers who hurl money at whatever the hell they think is going to put a dent in their competitors. While Halo, Fable, Forza and GoW are pretty good games the truth is it's because they've got incredible talent behind them (and in the case of fable an incredibly big mouth behind them as well). At the end of the day Microsoft and all publishers are the "industry" in the "games industry" - it's not an inherently bad thing and without publishers gaming wouldn't really be alive right now but it's just corporate politics and frankly I dream of a future without companies like Microsoft pulling the strings.

In short give credit to the hard working artists. Not to the suits behind them. Throwing checks at people to gain exclusives is a clever move as a hardware developer but exclusives have pretty much led to the golden age of fanboyism. It's all just arbitrary rubbish. Which games get put on which platforms... Like I said when you think about it it's just getting excited over corporate politics.

gamingdroid2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Give credit where credit is due.

Without publishers (like MS), there wouldn't even be artist to make games. Who do you think funds the game development? Who do you think funds the "artists" salaries?

At the end of the day, the "artists" take a paycheck with minimal risk if any, while the publishers takes the financial hit if a game bombs.

Point being, give credit to publishers for funding millions to games before they became games i.e. just an idea.

In fact, this is one of the reason why I don't invest (buy shares) in videogame companies, because it's impossible to predict success relative to other industries i.e. there is too much risk and especially for new IPs, past success of a studio is NOT a predictor of future success!

AngelicIceDiamond2543d ago

That's good and all but I'm startin to get concerned, these AAA titles are seeing Arcade release. First Alan Wake now this ,what's MS up this time.

Off Topic: I heard somewhere (wish I remember my source) that MS has a new Ip to show off this year. It could be a Kinect title (hope not) Arcade, or a full retail game. (hope so)

gotgame19852543d ago

why are you concern about it being a arced title, as long as it is as good as alan wake or better what does it matter.

Nozzle2543d ago

Why is he concerned....well probably he thinks like most of us that MS have so much potential with their exlcusives but instead of improving/expanding the game franchises to make them even better they'd rather spit on them and make them dumbed down Arcade games instead

As along as it's good as Alan Wake........oh come on American Nightmare was good but wasn't as good as Alan Wake, the story was just lazy.

Arcade games have to be shorter and lower in quality because they're online games.....wouldn't you want them to focus on making proper sequels instead.

WetN00dle692543d ago

F THEM if its a Kinect title!

enfestid2542d ago

Why is it that whenever a good title's released for XBLA or PSN, the opposite side's fanboys always yell, "that doesn't count! It's not a retail release!"

Who gives a crap? A game is a game is a game. If it's good, it's good. Some of the most fun I've had this generation has come from XBLA/PSN games.

Frankfurt2543d ago

American Nightmare confirmed what a lot of us already knew: XBLA titles can be as good (or better) than the average retail game.

Bring it on.

DevilishSix2543d ago

American Nightmare is not as good or better than the original Alan Wake. The original is whole grade better imho, but I do like the arcade mode hope that is expanded on in a true AW sequel.

enfestid2542d ago

I don't even remotely agree. How did one game prove that? I can think of countless games on XBLA and PSN that "proved" the opposite.

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