SCE To Increase Penetration in India

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has revealed its intentions to widen the presence of its PlayStation in India to capitalize on the growing popularity of the gaming industry in the country - a market that is expected to grow at the compound annual growth rate of 78 per cent by 2010, and whose barely one per cent has been tapped.

Reported by Vijay Vedala from Mumbai, India, on Dec 25, 2007.

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Fighter4046d ago

This is the funniest sh!t ever.

felman874046d ago

I only noticed it when you pointed it out

jorellpogi4046d ago

Are they going to call it deep penetration then? LOL

InMyOpinion4046d ago

India can be a b!tch to penetrate.

T_O874046d ago

what about penetrating middle east ha sony we want some love here

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nix4046d ago

it's a pity that the price of PS3 is too steep compared to other countries. thanks to the import tax.

In Singapore, it costs around 15,000.00 (indian currency) for 80GB.
In India, it costs 24,999.00 (indian currency) for 40 GB.

sigh! and no bundle.

Vojkan4046d ago

So can i speak with Apu?

TheMART4046d ago

The number of reasonably wealthy people in India is rising fast. They have about the highest educational level that will top many countries.

The 360 is already present since 1.5 year or so?! Sony is a bit late to go into that market, but hey, what's not delayed anyways with the PS3 at all???

But yeah, India might not be a market like China in number of people, but the money they've got to spend each individual is a lot, a lot more then in China. As the people in India are also into tech stuff, have a lot of ICT jobs and foreign companies that are present in the local market, I would indeed also tip India as having a very large potential on short term!

TrooGamer4046d ago

Anyway 360 has been therE for 1.5 years yet no one heard about it so i guess it has not done much.

I swear an indian company has bough some shares in Sony or a part of Sony?

If so who do you think they will be supporting?

Just like Americans supporting MS!!!

DrWan4046d ago

you need to do better economic research on disposable income on Chinese Urbanites, I can gurantee you the city folks in China has more money to spend than Inidan urbanites when add up together. GDP growth for China has risen about 8-10% a year and the government is trying to cool it down to not cause a bubble economy like it did to Japan back in the days. And with the effort to curb investment it still tops 8% a year consistenly. Houses in GuangDong and Shanghai cost just as much as houses in California (of course these houses are more lavish but the price are comparable now as my parents are trying to get a new house).

If Sony can get across the goverment barrier, China is a much market to tap than Inida. The problem is that software privacy also is rampant in SE Asia, they won't gain alot of traction in terms of software sales.

Tapping into Indian market means they can keep alot of the games in English as to tapping into the Chinese market they will have to translate it into Chinese as well. Another barrier to entry, but if tap correctly, Chinese market should be bigger than the US market, don't believe me? Just look at the MMORPGs in China and how ppl are willing to pay for it and the amount of subscriptions they are having.

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