FFCC: The Young King and the Promised Land Jump Festa 2008 trailer

Square Enix doesn't waste any time and has began releasing trailers from Jump Festa 2008: The first trailer is of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Young King and the Promised Land.

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Darkiewonder4578d ago

there are lots of people commenting 360/ps3 news than Wii.

Anyways. for a WiiWare title. this looks very promising. Sure it's a sims building city type game but who can say bad things about the graphics in this?

cooke154578d ago

Thats people Wii owners are playing their Wii's rather than arguing about how much Wii sucks ;) I better get back to business, and yeah this game does look quite good for a Wiiware game, impressive work SE, keep it up!

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