What Goes Around Comes Around…

RPGSite jumps into a time capsule and travels back to 1991 to review the birth of the Playstation, and see how Nintendo gave birth to the console that almost killed them.

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Donkey Slayer5857d ago

If it's to declare the doom of the xbox360, that's apples to oranges an not relevant.

HD-DVD is not for games, MS is not splitting the user base with HD-DVD.

AP5857d ago

There's nothing about the Xbox 360 in this article.

It's simply about the history of the Sony and Nintendo in the run up to the launch of their consoles. I mean, isn't that obvious? It doesn't even MENTION the Xbox, it just compares the CD format wars to the DVD format wars... which could be compared to the VHS/Betamax wars.

Simple enough.

Donkey Slayer5857d ago

Thanks for the clarification. I did say "IF" merely based upon the timing of this article.

Clearly I'm not the only one who thought it COULD be related.. stricly on timing.

Again, thanks for clarifying. My original post wasn't towards you anyways, but the author of the article.

CAPS LOCK5857d ago

go to youtube and search for sony and nintendo and u can see the documentary.

Ravenator5295857d ago

If they are trying to compare the add-on HD-DVD player to the Sega CD, they are way off!

The HD-DVD player will not play games! It doesn't have a procssor for gaming. If it did, it would be the size of the 360. Its an add-on that is there if you want it. You don't need it to play games.

If you want to talk about add-ons, lets start with the PS2.

-Network Adapter


Both of which came with a standard XBox. But did the PS2 go under?

Let's not forget that its funded by one of the richest companies in the world. Yes, M$ has a lot more money than Sony.

Sega was just a gaming company.

AP5857d ago

See what I said in 1.1. Nothing to do with HD DVD/Bluray.

Lionel Hutz5857d ago

Sony is a bigger company and has more money than MS.

ChickeyCantor5857d ago

well nintendo made a mistake......and thats creating the sony-playstation :P

first they wanted cd's but the nintendo decided not to, so sony did something with it...and there it was tha Ps1

Chronical5857d ago

i never knew that. really makes you think that Nintendo has been around for a looooonnnnggggg time

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