Devil May Cry 4 Opening Scene

Devil May Cry Opening Scene
It's stunning...

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Mercutio4042d ago

I cant believe no one approved it yet..XD

Foliage4042d ago

I'll approve it, but I personally found it to be a pretty lame video.

Dante in DMC4 doesn't seem any where near as bad ass as he was in DMC3. I don't think this game can come close to DMC3.

Rai4042d ago

this opening scene is no DMC3 opening. the final trailer got me a little annoyed when dante said it was all his (nero).

HeartlesskizZ4041d ago

what is this? what kind of opening is this? this is nothing like DMC1-3.

picker3324042d ago

Lame scene if you ask me.

Capt CHAOS4042d ago

Then how comes they couldn't even get the lipsync correct in this trailer?

Cusco4042d ago

I think it's cool. Just because the game is all about fighting and being bad ass doesn't mean you can't have a little bit of emotional content here and there. Seems like the story is centered around the chick and Nero, so the opening scene is more than fitting. You got the ass kicking side of Nero and the gentle side of the chick, it might just be a really cool and engaging story. Forget about Dante, this game is about Nero, the only difference between the two is a slightly different face model, everything else is the same. Get over it. I guess all the 13 year old Dante fanboys have surging testasterone levels.

metalhaze4042d ago

that was boring as hell...

And what was with the terrible lip syncing?

Counter_ACT4042d ago

The song she is singing and the music playing are unrelated, it seems. Stupid, I know.

Capt CHAOS4042d ago

But it does kill this video..

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The story is too old to be commented.