Microsoft goes on a Christmas Xbox Live banning spree - Unmodded Xboxes caught in crossfire

according To Adrian Kingsley hughes at

If my email inbox is anything to go by, Microsoft has once again gone on a Christmas Xbox Live banning spree, and once again innocent users are caught up in the crossfire.

Here's the deal - if you mod your Xbox then Microsoft reserves the right to ban your Xbox from ever connecting to the Xbox Live online service. This isn't the first time that Microsoft has taken this action, and Microsoft is well within its rights to do this (if you have any doubts, read the terms and conditions). Problem is, each time Microsoft takes this action, I hear from people who have been banned who claim that they have been banned despite running unmodded consoles. And each time the story is the same - there's no one customers can turn to for help.

This time is no different.

Now, I have no way to independently verify that the users who have approached me are actually running unmodded consoles, but given that I know that Microsoft's track record in identifying non-genuine Windows operating systems isn't 100% accurate, I'm going to assume that the same is true for identifying modded Xbox consoles. The problem isn't so much that Microsoft might be mis-identifying unmodded consoles are modded ones, it's the fact that there's no one that users can turn to for help to discuss the problem. Several emails that I've received over the past few days make mention of tech support not being able to help "due to the nature of the ban" and that Microsoft is unable to take the consoles back under warranty to check whether they have been modded or not. If fact, customers being told that the only way to escape the ban is to buy a new console.

I'm not going to suggest that Microsoft should stop banning consoles that it suspects are modded. I'm also not going to push for 100% accuracy in detecting modded consoles (after all, I'm a realist) but I am going to forcibly suggest that they company put in place a system by which people who claim that their consoles are not modified can somehow prove their innocence. "Just buy a new console" isn't a good enough answer.

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MikeGdaGod4041d ago

and i'm still up and runnin. feel sorry for the innocent

Dareaver14041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

If they say that "there is no way to confirm," like this article says that there is "no way to independantly verify" should be a red flag on approving this story. Seriously, this site is getting pretty horrible with the fanboy flamewar stories. There are some sad individuals out there making stuff up.

I mean seriously, if your not modded and supposedly are banned for no reason, i got one easy word for you "LAWYER". Easy money, but upon further investigation M$ has taped your racist tirades, or inappropriate pics of an UNO game, or etc! Then you were banned for another reason, doesn't have to be modded 360's.

This news article is not "News" worthy, because there is nothing substantiating it! This fanboy crap is seriously hurting this site, look at the people approving this crap.

You know what's crazy, i plan on getting a PS3 when it comes with the DualShock 3 controllers so i can play Uncharted and whatever else that is hot that comes out in 08', but with these rampant PS3 Fanboys flaming constantly, it makes me look at Sony differently. I don't know what to some it up to, but maybe it's collateral damage, you know like if a grenade goes off and all the other damage that is caused by the shrapnel and the structure being weakened after the explosion.

You can't help but connect PS3 Fanboys to the PS3, sometimes when i come on to the site and see the new articles, i immediately close this tab and go to a less biased site like; 1up, IGN, G4TV, Gamespot, and etc. because i can't digest the nonsense that gets approved on this site.

Fanboys make it worse for the systems they obsess over, and unfortunately i see mostly PS3 fanboys, then 360 fanboys, then PC (surprising huh) fanboys, and rounding out last the Wii fanboys (which are like rare animals, whenever you see one you have to take a picture, because you might not see another one for a long time.

If any of these fanboys are groan men, what does that say about the gaming community, i can understand kids talking about things they hardly know, but full grown adults is unacceptable.

actas1234041d ago

Why u assuming this is not true, also, why are u assuming its SONY that is responsible for this. Isn't this a Microsoft problem? Why are you ignoring the facts and blaming others for Microsoft problems... and yes, please DON'T buy a PS3, see who gives the damn... What the fu*k man, grow up.
Microsoft Should pay for ignoring their customers, just like the rest of "the sucking" companies out there like eBay.

Nevers4040d ago

Bubbles to you, bud. Couldn't agree more.

Feihc Retsam4040d ago


Buy an XBOX360 (with cash so there is no association to you), take it home, remove only the core console.
Replace the new console with your "unmodded" but banned Xbox360, and return it.


Mikey_Gee4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

that end up screwing folks in the long run. Then what if they sell it as an open box item and some poor kid gets your screw console ??

Plus most (if not all) places make the serial number of your console since it is seen when you lift the flap and it is associated with the receipt.

dantesparda4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

Dareaver, i dont even know where to begin, But you truly are a blind fool/fanboy. You talk about how since this story cant be "substantiated" that it shouldnt really be believed, yet it is substantiated, by the people making the claims. Now, does that prove its true? no! but come on man, do you really think there are a bunch of Sony fanboys lying around trying to figure out how next to fvck over the 360 and MS? come on man! and you talk of conspiracies. Yet what you just said is a conspiracy theory. You have nothing "substantianing" your theory, other than what you believe (which is biased anyway). At least this guy writing the article has some "substantiating" evidence supporting his story..., THE PEOPLE MAKING THE CLAIMS! What do you have for your accusations? what a hunch? what, some fanboy belief? Come on man!

Then you talk about less biased sites like 1up, Gamespot, etc... All known 360 biased sites. Of course you like those sites, all they do is rosy up all the 360 stuff and come down with the hammer on the PS3 stuff. These sites really are holding the 2 systems to different standards

Then you go on and conspirialize about Sony being behind this. You wanna talk about "conspiracies" again? Cuz you just didnt it again, twice, for the second time! when here you are talking about hating that. But what you really hate and what really makes you sick is not when people conspirialize, but rather when they do it about your precise/beloved 360.

And this is NEWS, its good to know these things. And people, if youse (and yes, that is the proper plural form for "you") keep defending these things, then youse are getting exactly what youse deserve. Remember, careful what you wish for

Then you talk about you was gonna buy a PS3, but since Sony fanboys make you so sick, its making you not really want to. Then i got a word of advice for you. DONT! if you are that on the fence about it then dont get it. Besides the fact that you even have these inklings about getting the PS3 really means that you want one. But those feelings are messing with your fanboy tendencies. So base it, upon whether you really want it or not, not on some fanboy hatred sh!t, but rather your want to play the games

And sorry to tell you this, but alot of these muthafvckas on this site are grown man. They may not be that mature when it comes to this, but grown man, none the less. Now stop your fanboy nonsense, and lets try to really be fair. If you hate the madness then dont perpretate it

And p.s. this is coming from a 360 owner

Edit: wow! people just keep taking my bubbles away, cuz they cant stand the fact that i dont sweat the 360, but thats alright, keep taking them. It wont shut me up. All i need is one bubble. And what are you people so afraid of? the truth? cant handle a difference of opinion? whatever, continue on taking the last one, it wont change a thing

Blademask4040d ago

Look at the guys previous post. He rarely touches on the 360. If anything its in response to his readers sending him emails.

He doesn't appear to be involved in your fanboy wars either. Check out the official 360 forums, people ARE getting banned from XBL. Several in fact, there is no way that one man can CONFIRM that with Microsoft. Especially just some average joe running a blog. In the middle of the christmas holiday.

Just because Microsoft doesn't go open and say 'this is whats happeneing' doesn't mean its not. Take RROD for example. I guess all those people on youtube are ps3 fanboys that bought 360's just to Red Ring them yes?

You have no proof to support your 'made up' theory. While there are people on the actual 360 forums saying its happening. And remember the key part, this HAS happened before. Stop trying to flash everyones memories with your bull dude. Something is clearly up.

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ravenguard884041d ago

I've never seen anyone who was banned from Xbox Live convincingly explain that they were not violating the terms of use. It's always "my little brother was playing and threatened to deer-shank that dudes mom" or "i dropped it and then it would play burned games, but it's not modded."

TheSadTruth4040d ago

while most of the idiots on the site may disagree with you, the truth of the matter is that a large percentage of those banned will lie and not admit to having a modded console and hope to induce this sort of response

it happens in lots of games I've played, when Halo modders get banned they come whining to the forums, in Warcraft 3 when maphackers banned they come and say they never hacked.. it's the same case here, Microsoft isn't stupid enough to implement an alogirthm that wasn't 100% efficient and hasn't gone through Quality Assurance testing

Texas GMR4041d ago

I'd be contacting an attorney. No help, that's bull and MS should have someone you can talk to on this matter.

BloodySinner4041d ago

I'm with you on that one, buddy.

Kulupoo4041d ago

ya thats some hardcore BS they try to pull... you didnt mod ur box and you pay the membership as anyone else... if you have a problem ms should deal with it... not telling you:oh just go buy another console.... im not made out of gold you know~

Sarick4040d ago

Just seems to much a coincidence that the only way to get back on is buy a new console. Wouldn't they be better to just ban an address or person not the console?

Hmmm... Maybe, just maybe this is MS Christmas rush to energize extra console sales and regain marketshare for the new year. This is all conjecture and conspiracy but it's something to think about.

This is only an opinion however, in this case there could be another reason.

As for the lawyers MS made a nice clause that when we hit agree after signing up you've accepted their terms. In those terms your rights are very limited as it gives MS the right to ban, suspend or limit your Live access without reason.

Percy4040d ago

You cant just go out get a attorney and sue Microsoft unless you have lots and lots of money it will go no where. Is Microsoft just suppose to say oh this guy has a lawyer we better pay up no. They are constantly in the courts and they know what they are doing. If you did have enough money and could afford a legal team that might stand a chance you still would be better off just buying another console because you would be in litigation till the Xbox 1440 comes out.

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Darkiewonder4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Since march was when I got the system. and today I turned it on to just add a friend. so if i magically get banned [which isn't really possible] it'll be funny xD

WilliamRLBaker4041d ago

agreed if you've never done any thing to modify your console then they need to setup a way to prove so.