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Gamesforpublic writes "A Game, that is more anime than a video game. Interactive and entertaining but not a 'real' game.

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dc12541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Does this mean that a point and click straight turn base game is more of a game than Mass Effect (because there is more interaction than entertainment )?

Rate it how you like... but for me ... a Video Game is a Video Game and Asura's Wrath is a good one -that Very Fun and very well executed. On my third playthrough with two more to go for the platinum (and it hasn't gotten old)

I'm loving it.

Forgive the typos as I sent this from my phone.

--fot the record. I don't have a problem with the score. I just don't think the game shouldnt be knocked because of how interaction level was implemented.
Rather, the question(s) should focus on whether or not the mechanics were broken...or some other measurable functions outside of presentation style.
.... just my opinion (just like the reviewer)

Peace and love!

Simon_Brezhnev2541d ago

Your right if it was a super hyped game it would get free passes like always.