Assassin's Creed III Steelbook Hitting Retail Shelves As Early As Next Week

GP: "Assassin's Creed III is on everybody's mind following the big reveal that the franchise will be tackling the New World in the Revolutionary War.

While your adventure may not begin until October, starting as early as March 10th you can secure your own piece of templar treasure. Best Buy and FutureShop have secured an early pre-order that will be hitting their shelves very soon. This G1-sized steelbook boasts some superb artwork and great for fans and collectors alike."

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starchild2543d ago

I would have preferred feudal japan.

omi25p2543d ago

Id rather have Tudor London

cjflora2543d ago

I would have preferred...WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH HHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Seriously, nobody cares anymore what everyone would have preferred. We've all heard the same locations that some would have preferred. We get it. Go make your own damn game and let the developers with the good track record do what they decide.

omi25p2543d ago

Guess someone doesn't like other people's opinion. Surely if the fans don't tell the developer where they'd like the game to be set then the developers would just be guessing everything

cjflora2543d ago

I have no problems with opinions, but how many times do we have to read someone say "I would have preferred feudal japan" or "Tudor London". I'm sorry, but I've seen way too many people suggesting these same exact locations dozens of times in every article about AC3.

Also, most developers aren't sending out surveys for tips from their fans on direction with video games. Game developers are creative people, and they are most likely going to choose a location based on what they feel will make a game work. There is no "guessing" involved. They are more likely to use their own creative ideas, and get the feedback after the game to improve the next one. Just like they did with the previous games. AC1 had tedious repetition, and they listened and fixed the missions in AC2. Things like that they will listen to fans, but locations are likely to be based on many more important factors than what the minority of fans demand.

MsclMexican2542d ago


Thank you... atleast someone here is not complaining about the setting not being where they wanted it..

Seriously.. the game is in the US, because of the ending of Revelations when Desmond and crew go to the US.

So how does it make sense for them to go to Japan or London WHEN THEY ARE IN AMERICA!

It seems like most people have only played one creed or none of them, and are complaining because it is following the story -_-

On note of the pre order... this is actually very cool. Not DLC, but a cool collectible.

No offense, but I think the box art looks cooler.. but we will see.

Eazy-Eman2542d ago

I seriously love you for that

cjflora2541d ago

Looking at Omi's comment history he is having a blast bashing this game because it's set in America. It has nothing to do with the setting, and everything to do with the fact that he doesn't like that it's set during a time period where the Brit's were being assholes.

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GasTankKiller2543d ago

Looks cool. May just pre-order for the case. I'm sure GameStop has a nice bonus in the works.

jkuli62543d ago

This is getting ridiculous. I mean look, I admit, I LOVE the AC series, and am very psyched about this game (knowing very little about it). But, even as a hardcore AC fan.....really? Pre-ordering already? There will undoubtably be more pre-order exclusives, Special Editions, etc. I'm willing to wait and see.

Biohazard88602543d ago

This is pretty cool tho i love me steel books u cant even preorder online yet tho....

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