Lets Talk Cinematic Gaming

This week I’ll be discussing what I like to call “cinematic gaming”. Mass Effect 3 launches next week and I found myself looking forward to the story more than I do the actual gameplay. Read more after the jump and be sure to leave your own opinions in the comments section.

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Knight_Cid2545d ago

gameplay is the only reason to play games when you think about it. Books almost always have better stories, characters, ect

But you cant play a book

Godmars2902545d ago

Same argument as games aren't art. Its that game can tell a story, and a good one, if enough consideration and effort is applied. In the came of most its not.

This includes ME3, which like ME2 will likely have identifiable plot holes during play as well as a couple of weeks after its been finished.

Nac2545d ago

I think everything should rise above it's sation. Heck, look back at silent films that told their story through text. Sooner or later everything advances. It is not the responsibility of one medium to tell another's story. Books have better stories because that craft has been honed for several hundreds of years. Give it time, the interactive medium will get there.

What I can't stand is when people say shit like "If I wanted story I would watch a movie, etc." Go and look back at the history of film, the earliest movies didn't even have stories. I wish people would fact check themselves before they ran their mouth.

Knight_Cid2545d ago

your assuming gaming will be around. All the numbers say we are heading for a big crash

Nac2545d ago

They said that in the 70's, 80's, 90's and yet we persevere and still are. It's never as bad as "they" make it out to be. This medium isn't going anywhere.

morganfell2545d ago

Kojima's unequaled masterpiece, Metal Gear Solid 4 is the reigning champion of cinematic gaming.

clewis942545d ago

Sorry but heavy rain has the best cinematic gameplay by a long way. h

OmniSlashPT2545d ago

That's not a cinematic game. Both Heavy Rain and MGS4 are interactive films. Uncharted is an example of a cinematic game.

Nac2545d ago

You sir, are correct. Bubbles for you.

h311rais3r2545d ago

Um no sir. Mgs4 is not an interactive film. By the very definition it isn't. So mgs4 still reigns king with a deep story that requires thought and attention to detail. It concludes over a decade of stories, all original. The story to all uncharted games is! Drake creams himself over some treasure. Bad guys go after treasure. Drake is nearly killed and BAM OUT OF NOWHERE OTHERWORLDY CREATURE then he kills bad guy game over. All 3 uncharteds.

Nac2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )


Well, your assertions aren't accurate. Along your train of thought, MGS4 should be just about a wheezing old man. Regardless of your "taste," it can not be denied that, at large, MGS4 is significantly more passive than something like UC3. When I put the controller down to watch a thirty minute cutscene I cease to be a participant and become an observer, therefore making it less interactive.

gypsygib2545d ago

Uncharted is the only series that does cinematic gaming really well, where I feel like I'm playing a movie imo.

I love MGS4, it's one of my fav game this gen but I don't feel like I'm playing a movie, more like a great game with cool cut scenes, and Heavy Rain lacks the gameplay for me to consider it cinematic gaming.