Armored Cored: For Answer Date plus DMC 4 details

PS3 Armored Core For Answer 3/19

DS SimCity DS 2 3/19
DS Gundam 00 3/27 (same week at first season ends)

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Skerj4039d ago

[email protected] installing for PS3 DMC4. Dude at that size it better have NO loading whatsoever.

[email protected]4039d ago

I'm also in shok with those details from DMC4 o_O

Darkiewonder4039d ago

says no loading.

But then again. It's Shane ^^

zPlayer4038d ago

i'm more shocked about the Armored core news!

felman874038d ago

the HDD install is for no loading, just like for Genji, NGS and UT3

BLuKhaos4038d ago

I installed both Ninja Gaiden and UT 3 but both still have loading screens

pwnsause4038d ago

they both load, but its very minimal if you install it to the HDD, i compared it, and there is a difference, you should try and see

moujahed4038d ago

It loads faster, takes longer reading from the disc, but finds it faster on the HDD... much like the HD-LOADER for the PS2 which allows you to load entire games onto your HDD.

I installed UT3, have hella songs, and movies on my PS3 including demos, and downloaded content. and I have 56gigs left on my 80 gig HD.

It's gonna take a lot more games, movies, and other crap for me to need an Upgrade.

Too bad 360 owners cant experience this, it will make your System better than what it is.