Valve said to be working on 'Steam Box', could announce at GDC [the verge]

The Verge has recently uncovered information that claims that Valve has been secretly working on a ‘Steam Box’ that would have an intel Core i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and an NVIDIA GPU and be able to run any other piece of PC software including the included Steam that will run in the long awaited ‘Big Picture Mode’. This means that you would also be able to run rival digital distribution platforms such as EA’s Origin on the Steam Box.

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PSVITAlitysensor2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Shut up and take my money, b****!

IaMs122548d ago

Leaked footage of the Steam Box:

Irish842548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

This is the leaked photo. Ladies and Gentlemen get your wallets ready.

BattleAxe2548d ago

Day one purchase for sure. I would love to have a Steam Box sitting next to my PS3.

LackTrue4K2548d ago

@Irish84....the only thing missing on the pic is some steam coming out the top!!!

mugoldeneagle032548d ago

We're talking about a console-like PC, or pretty much a Valve branded PC, that will undoubtedly be cheaper than most gaming PC's, aimed right at the people who game on consoles but never had anything to handle PC support (like myself)

While this isn't something new its definitely a gamechanger/megaton if this thing drops...

And I want to see what all this PS3/Steam integration will lead to, if anything.

I'll get this day 1.

clank5432548d ago

Yeah, this is awesome. This completely negates the need to get the next Xbox for me. Most of the exclusives I want to play on there are also on the pc, but I only have a mediocre laptop because I don't have lots of money. This way I just need this and a ps3, and I can have all the games I want.

caperjim2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Day one purchase for me also. An upgradable console which allows you to keep up with high end PCs without the complexity of building one will sure be a hit for non-tech people.

Personally i built my own high end PC but this certainly interests me. No more will we be confined by the rules and regulations of traditional console manufacturers.

Wuu2548d ago

It's bulls***, change your wet pants and get back to real life. i7 would make this box price over the top, Valve will never do it.

2548d ago
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Knight_Cid2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

waste of money,
I guess every company needs a bomb every now and then

I understand there wanting money, but you need a product that doesnt clash with everything else

fyi it isnt a console, its basiclaly a budget pc.

admiralthrawn872548d ago

gotta love N4G gaming prophets "fyi it isn't a console." lmao the idea of it and specs were released.

while i'm sure its not a dedicated console, obviously, saying "fyi" just sounds annoying

Knight_Cid2548d ago

Yeah and the idea of it and the specs are a budget computer.

gamingdroid2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

In fact, it seems like a baseline specs for a PC that gets updated. It doesn't seem to resolve practically any of the PC problems, except the one obvious.

I love Valve and Steam, but I think I will pass.... well, until I see something compelling.

ardivt2548d ago

well I just wanted to say "the compelling thing will be half life 3".
but then I realzed that a valve console would only work if valve makes their games exclusive for the console.
so if steam will still be available on pc why would anybody but this thing?
so to say. agree :D

ginsunuva2548d ago

Do you think it's possible to upgrade the steambox's parts?

kneon2548d ago

There is no reason a console couldn't be pc based. I've been saying for a while now that it wouldn't surprise me if we see a pc based console next gen.

The problem with Steam doing it is brand recognition. I expect most people that know steam would rather build or buy their own full blown pc. And those that don't know steam won't care.

beastlysensation2548d ago

you know so much...i mean, it could also be a portable pc, with console features such as peripherals, hdmi and other stuff, so noobs with a pad like you who love the comfy couch can hook it up to a tv LIKE A CONSOLE (without bringing your desktop over to the living room) and use BIG PICTURE MODE from steam and play games at true 1080p. Budget specs that still obliterate next gen consoles. Valve does this right and bye bye consoles and noobs like you.

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EliteDave932548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

A Valve console? Nah i dunno bout that.. I think everyone should let Microsoft and Sony handle consoles and developers just stick to games please.

IF true i believe its gonna fail hard.

Knight_Cid2548d ago

Disagree from me should be agree. It isnt a console though

Half-Mafia2548d ago

Valve are not just a developer, they are a platform.

wwm0nkey2548d ago

What is so bad about a gaming PC that sets a standard for developers on PC? PC gaming is awesome but there are also A LOT of optimization problems devs face too. Giving them a base line to work off of would be a great thing. Also a lot of people do not want to build a gaming PC or buy an over priced $1500 Alien Ware PC either so this could prove great for the PC market.

Tanir2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )


dont mind the valve fanboys, they are blind and far too hopeful, so much so they don't even stop to think.

on paper a valve console would be fine, but in reality it would be garbage, and one reason, Money. Sony, MS, and Nintendo are only able to stay in the console race because of their tons of money, without it they can't do crap.

Now UNESS someone backs valve like toshiba, or any of the big name companies that make a crap ton of money I don't see it succeeding.

Heck the only reason MS survived is because of their money, if they didn't have it they wouldn't be able to make the 360 because the original xbox didnt do good at all. now imagine MS struggling when it launched its first console, lol Valve if alone, would be doomed


um ms and sony are making games so what are you talking about. Now if anything nintendo hurt gaming with the wii and getting everyone to think lame motion gaming and such is all the rage. because of it MS is following closely behind now and well Sony thankfully ditched the Move and are the ones releasing the most Good games a year

vallencer2548d ago

I think the best part about your comment is that you believe valve doesn't have money lol. I don't know if you noticed but they OWN steam and on a daily basis have over a million different people on it a day. In reality though if they made a console with steam access on it I think it would work well. Some people don't have a pc worthwhile nor do they have the money for one. But a console that has the potential to give people the ability to access steam and play with a controller...well I think its a great idea and people will buy it. I would as long as I can play my already bought steam games because I don't always like playing with a keyboard.

beastlysensation2548d ago

hahaha you talk as if valve doesnt make money....didnt forbes declare they were a billion dollar company like 4 years ago or something? imagine now, every yera 100 percent more revenue...hahaha, noobs.

Ducky2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Microsoft is primarily a software developer... yet you believe they're in a better position to handle console hardware than... a game developer? O.o

The success of a console is mostly determined by its software lineup. If Valve gives developers a platform where they have more freedom to put out what they want, then they'll succeed.
If it's just a third wheel in the console race, then yea, it'll fail.

(I like how Nintendo is being ignored)

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v1c1ous2548d ago

I will support it because the more variety in consoles the better, because it seems to me Microsoft and Sony are heading down a path that i fear will ultimately hurt the gaming industry. we need some fresh air.

RememberThe3572548d ago

This. I'm not even interested in this thing yet, but I've got to support it.

TheBioLover2548d ago

I can't wait for this if it's true.

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