New Details on Mass Effect: Paragon Lost

Check out the teaser,new info and website on the upcoming anime for the Mass Effect Series.

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Xof2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

There's going to be a Mass Effect anime?

Could be awesome, but it'll probably suck. I'd kill for a good ME anime with a comedic slant. I guess analagous to the Negima!? adaptation of MSN, rather than the more "straight" Xenosaga/Tales of... adaptations.

Think Azumanga Daioh... but with Garrus and Tali!

EDIT: trying to figure things out... it's an anime about James Vega? The one character everyone seems to hate every aspect of, from personality to appearance? Yikes.

tigertron2546d ago

I'm really pleased there will be a Mass Effect anime, but about James Vega? seriously Bioware? why not Miranda or Garrus? or even Liara?...but James Vega?

Well if hes going to be the lead then I hope Freddie Prince Jr does the VO.